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September 05, 2011



Dear Healthy Librarian,

I too love this cookbook. Some of my favorite recipes are for hummus(so much better than store bought and you can be so much more creative). I also love making the Mango BBQ Beans.

My newest cookbook I am exploring is the Fork Over Knives book. Today I made the potato salad. Yum-no oil and lots of flavor.

Thank you for your blog. I enjoy reading it and learning from you. Today celebrates my one year as a vegan. My goal now is to reduce/eliminate oil. I am looking forward to your post about your 15 months and tips for cooking oil free.

Thanks again!


Women just love to get together for lunch! I usually order a tossed salad without cheese or egg and take my own dressing have even slipped some beans into my purse. Even if they have a plant based meal on the menu it often has too much fat. It's pretty boring but I tell myself always good to eat your greens and I'm eating out to enjoy the company more than the food.

I like the lettuce wraps in AFR but they have 6 g of fat. I use low fat so mine may be less fat than that. I also like the caulipots and the baked tofu and have tried some of the salads and soups.


Your sister-in-law may be interested in a discussion now going on at Dr. John McDougall's site. The question is "which restaurant's guarantee you a 100% safe experience?"
Safe means no added salt, sugar, white flour etc. The respondents are also want no added oil.

The discussion is moderated by Jeff Novick RD who says he will compile a list of safe restaurants at the end of the discussion. I don't see the list yet.

Click the red link below and you'll get to this discussion.

A discussion on a list of safe restaurants:


My sister turned me on to your blog last fall and I love what you write. So much terrific information. I made the switch to mostly plant based eating last fall after a health episode, nothing serious.

My sister, who has been a vegetarian for 45 years and lately more a vegan, helped me get with the program.

I've lost 70 pounds, my numbers are better. And my hubby who has diabetes in his family, has lost 30 pounds and his numbers are better too. So I am very grateful for your blog.

You asked about favorite recipes from Appetite for Reduction. I LOVE that cookbook.

Everything I have made from there is great.

The Miso-Udon Stir-fry with Beans and Greens is one of my go-to comfort foods. One of my sons suggested adding water chestnuts - I haven't tried that yet, but he loves water chestnuts.

Also love the curries - eggplant/chickpea curry is delicious. That's lunch tomorrow.

Another favorite recipe is from The Vegan Table - Caramelized Onions and Chard. It's made with olives and capers. I could eat bowls of that - delicious. Just a few.

I am a foodie too - love to cook and have way too many cookbooks. Now I don't use 3/4 of them - ah well.

Keep writing - I have forwarded your web site to countless friends. It's amazing how much one person's changing eating can affect so many others.

My friends have been incredibly supportive - no sabotaging here and I think we have influenced them to make some small changes too. One step at a time.

Thanks for all you do.


Hi there HL,

I just discovered your website last night. I signed up and got this info about your sister in my email box so I came here to read such an interesting, informative story.

So happy for your sister. I have genetically bad high cholesterol. I think I'll go and take a look at past blood work to see low my triclycerides are. My total Cholesterol was over 300. I've brought it down to 273. I follow Dr. Fuhrman's diet.

The more I read stories like this, the more I know I need to follow his diet 100%

I thought it was really interesting to read about how the LDL and triclycerids interact with one another. Thank you so much for your informative website.........I love all the information and I've flipped through many of the recipes you have here and have saved many of them to try.

So appreciative!!!

Laina :)

Sheila Baker

So far these are the recipes I have made more than 4-5 times in Appetite for Reduction:

1)sauteed kasha and mushrooms with dill (it makes a nice change from my jazzed up oatmeal)

2) garlicky mushrooms and kale -- I add big white or red beans.

3) eggplant chickpea curry

4) stewed and sauteed collards (I add quinoa)

5) potato spinach curry (I use lemon juice instead of lime)

6) ginger bok choy and soba

I also use the Vegan Planet cookbook I've just made my first veggie burger baked in oven with zucchini, mushrooms and non-oily TJ's sun-dried tomatoes. I invent my own recipes ALL THE TIME.


Your cited UCSF PRESENTATION BY ROBERT H. LUSTIG was compelling - but frustrating and irritating in ONE respect. As is all too often, Dairy was given a pass by off-handed statements or quotes to the following effect:

"Only water and milk" (as beverages of choice)

"We have to get our kids to drink milk somehow"

Do not the University of California scholars realize that there is a REAL issue MERITING discussion: How much - IF ANY - of milk and milk products from a non-human species is appropriate or healthy for members of our human species to ingest? WHY IGNORE ISSUE?




I bought a Misto many years ago to reduce waste and costs. I just add my own oil, pump it a few times, and spray lightly. My favorite cookbook still is, "Lower your Fat Thermostat". I like "Easy Beans" too. I bought "The Enchanted Broccoli Forest" and hated it. The font was awful and the recipes weird for this Midwestern. The very features you mentioned are the things I look for in a cookbook. I like healthy recipes with easily accessible, often used ingredients. Nothing worse than searching for ingredients, use them once, and then they sit on the shelf expiring. I have about 20 items in my cupboards, and if I can't use them, I'm not interested. Neal Barnard started a new 21-Day Kickoff starting 9/5 online. See:


I actually am a stroke survivor at age 49!!! I didn't know what was happening as no one in my family had a stroke. All of the sudden I couldn't talk right and I couldn't even make an "X" with my right hand. I have fully recovered except that I feel a little off balance. I went for 2nd opinion at the CC and was told to start a little exercise and I would live a long live don't worry about my stroke it was small, take a baby aspirin a day. I have been searching for answers ever since and that is how I stumbled across your blog and then Dr. Esselstyn and plant based diet. I have dabbled for about 1+ year now and the more I find out am now going full force into the plant based lifestyle. I hope by my example, my family members call me for advice. Thank you - you have helped more people than you know.

The Healthy Librarian

BG: Thanks for the recipe recommendations and the tip about the Forks over Knives cookbook. Haven't yet found the time to do the 15 month tips follow-up--Friday at the earliest.

Penny: You're 100% right about how much fun it is to lunch (or dinner) with the gal pals--and I thank you for your common-sense easy ways to remain a part of that fantastic tradition.

ST: You're the best. I had know idea about Jeff Novick's fabulous restaurant resource! I'm ready to compile the list myself.

Laina: Happy that you found the site. Hope you continue to follow it!

JL: Your success story is fantastic. Thanks for sharing it--and thanks for providing us the AFR taste-tested-by-a-true-foodie recommendations. That's my next list--everyone's fave AFR taste-tested recipes.

Sheila: Thanks for taking the time to share your fave AFR recipes---if you've made these 4-5 times--that says it all.

Gerhardt: Well, that's how it is--we all think differently--and you take the best from intelligent sources--and don't discount the message just because someone doesn't see it exactly the same as you do. But, yes, it is frustrating.

DJ: Thanks for the cookbook & book recommendations--and posting the link to Dr. Neal Barnard's 21-day kickstart!

Shelly: What a story! So sorry to hear about your stroke. I'm assuming it was the more common one--ischemic? Interesting side note: about a month ago I was talking to a physician where I work who told me he was do research for a book chapt. on "The Stroke Diet". I told him about me interest in stroke prevention given my strong family history of serious strokes. When I told him I was eating a plant-based diet, he immediately said, "Excellent! That's a good idea." He then recommended I take a daily baby aspirin as well.

Gael in Vermont

Somewhere, somehow, I stumbled upon a blog called The Reduction Project where Julie is cooking her way through Appetite For Reduction! On her blog, you can see what the finished dish looks like and what Julie and her family thought of it...very helpful for me! Here's the site:

I have been so happy with all the salad dressing recipes...they are thick and creamy and I usually have to add a bit of water to keep them pourable. I use the dressings on more dishes than salads, but I'm careful to watch the amount I use...only about 2 TBS. Other faves include: cool slaw, unfried fried rice to which I add all sorts of goodies like tofu and veggies, and the black bean tacos. Next, I'm trying out the eggplant "bacon." As far as dining out goes, I stick to salads (and often take my own dressing), brown rice veggie sushi, and tofu/brown rice dishes. Sometimes, I'll have a veggie burger. It's a bit tricky for me because I'm also gluten-free...but I manage. Going out with friends is too much fun to give up, so they try hard to think of me when we pick a restaurant. In larger cities, I can find vegan restaurants that really make things Real Food Daily when I'm in LA. I could eat there daily!

The Healthy Librarian


Thanks for reminding me about the Reduction Project!! Gotta make a visit. Love Isa's dressings--and they do make such a difference--and I, too measure them out--but I try to stick to 1 TBS. Haven't tried her unfried fried rice or the black bean tacos yet---but I've made her Cool Slaw a lot. LOVE it with Buffalo Tempeh--crumbled not in triangles, though. Wasn't a big fan of the eggplant bacon, tho.

Great advice for eating out--I never say no to dinner out, either. Hope you had a good first day back at school.

Wendy (Healthy Girl's Kitchen)

Thanks for another great post! Julie Ann from The Reduction Project stopped posting 3 weeks ago, I hope she is okay. I have found that all of the recipes from AFR are great, but as usual, could eliminate all of the oil! I mean, why is there oil at all in these recipes when we all know that water/broth sauteing works perfectly?

Right now I think I am about to go on a Dr. Fuhrman Nutritarian recipe tear . . .

TejasJ Jain

Great post. I wish my doctor would look into my eye and tell me all this information. But she did not say a word about my 300+ Triglycerides.
I appreciate all this information. Our family has been pretty much oil free for last 3 months (Yes, not totally oil free, bur much less compared to what we used to do)

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