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September 23, 2011



These look yummy.
I do not have Nutrition yeast. What can I add? Should I add baking soda?

These cakes will be good with any gravy/lentil or soup.
I am not baker but based on picture, I am exited to try this tomorrow.


"Cannellini" is the Italian name for what's called "white kidney bean" in English - we just often use cannellini as well... Some cans have both names on them. Thanks for the recipe, it looks great!

Jo M

Looks good. Here are two other savory oat ideas.

The Tofu Cookbook by Louise Hagler has a tofu loaf recipe that incorporates 1 cup of rolled oats; be sure to use less soy sauce, and substitute a tablespoon or two of ground flaxseed mixed with a little water for the oil.

I make mixed grains in a rice cooker - equal amounts of whole kamut, rye, hulled barley, and oats - 1 part of grains to 3 to 4 parts of water or vegetable broth. If you like, you can increase the proportion of whole-grain oats to half of the grain mixture. Once this is cooked, you can make it into a pilaf with onions, mushrooms, celery, parsley, and sherry, or with dried cranberries and walnuts, etc. Or you can make a cold grain salad along the lines of Mollie Katzen's Fruited Grain Salad, posted on her website. Or just toss into a mixed vegetable salad.


I love your blog. Thanks to you I am now on a plant based diet and my husband is converting. I weight what I did in high school. Can't wait to have my physical and see how my numbers have changed.

So this is a recipe I make to satisfy the "munchies" or to fill out a meal. I got it from the radiant recovery web site with Kathleen Des Maisson, PhD. Her focus is weight and addictive nutrition. She sites many studies on sugar and it's affects on brain chemistry. I learned that some of us are created to crave sugar more than others because of low serotonin; some feel pain more; or have mor extreme emotional swings all because the hormones are not working well again due to inadequate nutrition.

Yam Cakes
1c cooked sweet potato, 1c regular oats-dry, 1egg ( I substitute 1T flax meal and 3T water)1/2t cinnamon, 1T oil (again I substitute 1/4 c applesauce. Mix and put them on a cookies sheet. I make about 2 1/2 cookies. Mix and bake on greased cookie sheet @ 425 for 15-20 minutes. This will only make about 6.
Since this such a small quantity, I usually make about 3c of the main ingredients. I have tried pumpkin and other squash, nuts, apples, etc. Personalize these. They are not sweet but satisfy the hunger. I freeze the extra. They ate good with a little PB2 on them.

I am also 60 and on a health quest. Your site was mentioned on a knitting web site called ravelry that I frequent. That is how I found you. Now I quote Esselstyn and Campbell like they are my best friends.


Thanks, Mike, and thanks, HL, for a fantastic recipe! I made this last night (as a confirmed foodie, I couldn't wait), and it was great. Like you, HL, I found that it took considerably longer for the cakes to bake (I did them in mini muffin pans) - a good reason to bake them ahead of time, freeze them and then refresh them in the oven for a fast meal. Now I'm looking forward to trying some riffs on Mike's idea - maybe Indian with a veggie curry 'gravy' or Mexican. And I'm eager to see the recipe for Thai oatmeal - just got some PB2 and am looking for ways to use it. Love your site - thanks again!

The Healthy Librarian

Tejas, Do not substitute baking soda for the nutritional yeast!!! Leave it out if you don't have it. It's not the same as "baking yeast" either--it's a B-vitamin rich tasty addition to vegan recipes that adds a rich cheese-like flavor, and will thicken foods a bit. I always add it to mashed potatoes.

Look for it at a health food store--it's yellow, often sold in bulk, & is dry flakes.

Sarah--thanks for the cannelini--white kidney bean info!!! I always thought they were different beans. Duh to me!

Thanks Jo M for the recipe suggestions!

Greg: LOVE the sound of the yam cake recipe--and I'm always looking for easy ways to add yams, squash, or sweet potatoes into my diet. A do-ahead recipe would lend itself to all kinds of uses.

Susan: Thanks for the feedback on the oat case recipe! I always want a reality-check & confirmation for any recipe that I think is outstanding--so coming from a "confirmed foodie"--it means a lot.


Is there any reference where I can look up and see which foods contain nitrous oxide or the compounds which cause it to be produced in the body? I don't find it listed in the Nutritional Database. Surely it exists in more than 4 or 5 foods on earth!

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