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September 02, 2011


Kim Du Bry

Fantastic post! I just signed up for your blog on my reader (I read about you on Healthy Girl's Kitchen) and I'm thrilled to find a recovery drink recipe!!! I will check out the Brendan Brazier "Thrive" books mentioned. I also like the idea of a 10 mile birthday run! I'm going to steal that one. Thanks again!

Jackie Smith

I'm so looking forward to Brendan's new book. And I always love, love, love your posts!


my husband is a bit like you as far as the trying out weird stuff goes but has a little (ok a long) way to go to be as fit as you. we're working on it! i read brendans book but haven't made any of the recipes yet. some of the ingredients are hard to get in australia (hemp especially!!) i'll revisit the thrive book having read this post and then i had better give it back to my sister :-)
thanks for sharing.


Love it, Lab Rat! Thanks to the HL for all the pushing and prodding. Will share this info with my husband along with the daily prodding he's getting to go veggie. Hope to hear more from you in future.

Chris G.

Congratulations on your first post, LR. Great information and a great lifetime of athletic accomplishments. Currently, I am keeping on pace for my yr-long goal of running 1,000 miles and spend ~3hrs weight training weekly.

The smoothie recipe is very close to what I typically make with a few modifications: 1. A banana in place of dates (more potassium), 2. Berries added, 3. Spinach and carrots added. I need to get up to speed on things like maca, buckwheat, and chlorella which I do not use (although I do grow the later in my laboratory!). Also, on weight training days (vs running), my smoothie base is soy milk rather than water for additional protein.

One further consideration might be balancing fructose for liver glycogen replenishment with glucose for muscle glycogen replenishment. As a complex carb, the buckwheat would breakdown to glucose, but 2 tbs doesn't seem like much and my sense was that some kind of post-exercise glucose blast (vs complex carb glucose) maximizes glycogen replenishment and could be added here.

Finally, I'd love to hear more about sprouting.


Well done Lab Rat - on all accounts!

Steve G

Might I suggest adding E3Live to the mix?


"Dulse and chlorella" sound like some particularly unpleasant infections. :-)

But, the sadness of the commercially-available electrolyte drinks is that people will consume them during or after the least amount of exercise, no where near the "particularly draining workout, one that has depleted glycogen stores". Thus, they just add to the already high levels of sugar and salt in the body.

Sherry in Chicago

Thanks LR, my sweetie is a runner and does the Chicago marathon each year as his "yes, I am still in shape" test. I will have to make up this recover drink and tuck it in the frig instead of his usual gatorade and see how it goes over.

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