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November 06, 2011



I just watched that movie a few weeks ago! Then, of course, promptly tracked down a secondhand juicer... We didn't do a cleanse, but found that it's a lot easier to down some juiced veggies than the chunky smoothies our blender turns out. The only thing I don't like is the amount of leftover pulp, but I've found some decent baked-good recipes for them and the rest goes in the compost. The movie also far surpassed my expectations!

Joel G

I know what you mean, I long for a Blendtec or VM. But no budget - I walked into a consignment store and found a new MagicBullet for $30 and went with it. It's not bad, I thought maybe I could run carrots, apples, celerly, etc through my old Champion juicer first, then add the juice AND the pulp to the MB along w/whatever sweet fruit. But turned out the celery fiber was not chewable so I strained it first then made a green smoothie from that. Too much trouble for an encore though.


How do you roast your Brussels Sprouts? I've been experimenting, so any tips are appreciated!

Wendy (Healthy Girl)

Loved that movie! Paid for it and watched it streaming on my computer.


Have you read the book The Pleasure Trap by Douglas Lisle? It's about fasting to allow your body to heal itself. We have some friends who just did a juice fast at True North in California for 14 days! They told me about a great web site for plant strong recipes--Straight Up Food.

We love jambalaya and make it fairly often.


I saw the movie a couple of weeks ago on Amazon Instant Video which is free for Prime Members. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to everyone.


Thank you, Thank you for your post about the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead movie being available on HULU! I watched it on Netflix about 3 months ago, and I LOVED it. I have been trying to get my sister to watch it, but she didn't have Netflix and wasn't interested in getting it. So, now, she can!!! I am doing the 30 day version of this, on day 15 today actually. I feel great! It certainly is motivating. I found your blog via healthygirlskitchen. When I'm "eating" again, I will definitely be checking out all your fab recipes and ideas! Cheers! :-)


Also loved the movie. I bought it when it came out on dvd. I do like the fiber I get when I make blend with my vita-mix but I bought a jack lalanne juicer at costco after watching the movie and like it other than the clean-up.

Happy Rehab Doc

"Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" sounds awesome! And how could I not watch Dr. Joel Fuhrman in action?! I love inspiring movies like that to keep me going--Forks Over Knives was the turning point in our new Esselstyn journey. Keep the recs coming--very appreciated. I also want to check out "Processed People"--have any of you seen that? Is it good?

Gael in Vermont

Nothing is more fun than going to a Beatles concert...something I did when I was 16. I also saw Sir Paul in concert years later with my son. Paul and former wife Linda were vegetarians and Paul and famous designer daughter Stella have gone vegan. What good company! Invite a group over for the ultimate sing-a-long. "Paul McCartney in Red Square" is exciting, touching, historic, exhilarating, and it will make you want to attend his next concert. Be sure to eat first as you'll be up dancing! Listening to him play "Back in the USSR" in Red Square is mind-blowing!

The Healthy Librarian

I am so on it, Gael. "Paul McCartney in Red Square just went into my Netflix queue!

Happy Rehab Doc--I've got an extra copy of Processed People--glad to send it to you, if you'd like!

Happy Rehab Doc

That would be wonderful, thank you! Let me check with the hubby and see if he already ordered it and I'll get back to you tomorrow--so appreciated! Did you like it?

Sorry for the delay in commenting, today was an insane day at work and I'm just now coming up for air! :-)


My daughter and her boyfriend saw the movie while on vacation and immediately did the juice thing when they returned home. Both seemed pleased with it.

Thanksgiving is coming up and I need some advice. My ex and I have prepared a tasty green bean casserole for nearly forty years. We still take it to the family dinner. Of course, this year I can't eat the sauce (flour, dry mustard, milk, Velveeta). I can substitute whole wheat flour (I guess) and soy milk. But what would I use in place of the Veleeta?

Any help is appreciated


Hey, David,

Our household's been happy with the HL's suggestion for cheesiness: nutritional yeast. (See her cheesy breakfast oatmeal w spinach, and cheesy mashed potatoes recipes). We make the mashed potatoes all the time. Also a greens with nutritional yeast dish that's in the Forks Over Knives book. We like to add water-sauteed mushrooms to the greens dish. You might consider doing the same if you go with nutritional yeast for your green beans-- the yeast is cheesy, but also perhaps a bit yeasty or mushroomy, and adding mushrooms uses that quality of the yeast. There must be lots of recipes on the web for a soy-milk based cream sauce flavored with nutritional yeast, or you could just wing it; I'd guess a tablespoon or two of the yeast for a cup of soy milk. Or start with less yeast, and just stir more into the cooked green bean casserole until it tastes right-- the yeast is a powder that distributes easily.

The Healthy Librarian


Jack's got some good suggestions! Thank you, Jack. Glad you like the mashed potatoes--my husband's all-time faves.

But, no way will nutritional yeast ever taste exactly like Velveeta--at least I don't think so. I could be wrong.

Todd Coston swears by his Melty Cheesy Sauce, but I haven't tried it, yet. You can find it here:

Also, the Fat-Free Vegan loves this vegan substitute for the tradiional Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole. It's here:

BUT: Ditch the Earth Balance to make the crispy bread crumb topping. Use Ian's Whole Wheat Panko crumbs instead. They're already crisp.
Also, skip the "fried onion rings" made with awful ingredients. Just caramelize your own thinly sliced sweet onions by cooking them a long time, and add a little paprika for color. You'll get all the sweet onion flavor w/o the processed oil.

Report back!!


Thanks Jack and HL! I'll try out your suggestions and report back. My sister is worried that I'll sit with an empty plate at Thanksgiving. I can assure her that I'll be OK. I'm also going to try out one of the sweet potato recipes!

Thanks again.


Jack and HL - I did a trial run on the Melty Cheesy Sauce for the green bean casserole today and it wasn't too bad. Texture was OK. But, it basically was a little bland - more like a cream sauce than a cheese sauce. If I were to add additional nutritional yeast, would that give it more flavor? Or is this just the way the vegan cookie crumbles?

The Healthy Librarian


I don't remember what's in the melty sauce--but I always add tamari to kick up the flavor, and if you like heat, there's always a little cayenne--tiny bit. I'll look in 2 of my fave cookbooks to see what's in their "cheese sauces".

And no--that's not the way the vegan cookie crumbles--most recipes are alive with intense flavor & spice.

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