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November 04, 2011


Gael in Vermont

Oh, Deb...thank you for the 'shout-out' but it's me who has to thank YOU for getting me out of the ditch and onto the right track! I'm so happy you enjoyed the chili...the diced sweet potatoes added that hint of sweetness with the strong spices. I ended up going onto Robin's website and found that you can see all her cookbooks with sample recipes from all of them:

This weekend, I'm trying the coconut rice good does that sound?


Just ordered the book! Making the pumpkin soup tomorrow--so many good recipes, so little time.

Happy Rehab Doc

Thanks so much for letting us know about this book! The adapted recipes look delicious!!! I am going to order it (or see if I can get it at the library!) Another book of hers that I really recommend is "Vegan on the Cheap." It is a fantastic book for organizing and planning your meals so you save money. Every recipe in the book is under $2 a serving! As we dig our way out from under my pile of medical school debt, just about every cent counts so this book has been so valuable to me as we've started our Esselstyn journey!


I have 3 of Robin's cookbooks: Vegan Fire and Spice is my fav, Vegan Planet and Vegan on the Cheap. I've been fretting about Thanksgiving with the relatives and you have boosted my resolve that I am doing the right thing. Thanks!

I've recently started working out with a heart rate monitor after reading Younger Next Year for Women. I noticed from an earlier post that you use one, too. I hadn't been working out hard enough!


Several people linked to you on Facebook! I am going to look into this book - sounds right up my alley. I decided to start cooking again next week. I need to detox from eating other people's we know, vegetarian necessarily doesn't = healthy.

The Healthy Librarian


You'll really like this cookbook. If you have a BN membership order it today--there's an additional 20% coupon through 11/7 & it will cost under $10 + free delivery.


Thanks for the additional recommendations! So glad you started using the heart rate monitor--it's a game-changer & a motivator!

Happy Rehab Doc,

Love your blog--what an inspiration YOU ARE! Looks like Vegan on the Cheap is the THE book for this downed economy. I'm on it.

And thanks Gael--and Val!!


I made the gyros last night. My 6 year old son exclaimed after one bite "Mom, make this again!". He then went on to have a second serving. I too ordered the book as well as "Planet Vegan".

Health Librarian


I'm so excited to hear that your son liked this!!! I always say, if kids like it--or meat-eaters like it--it's got to be good.

Thanks for being brave enough to test this one out--and sharing the results with all of us.

Happy Rehab Doc

Wow thank you SO much!! Its a new project for me and it really means a lot to have a compliment on my blog from someone who inspired me to start writing one!! Made my day :-)


Wow Deb, you were right ~ I made these tonight and they were amazing!

The Healthy Librarian


Yay! So glad you liked the Gyros, too. My brother-in-law made them last week for my sister--and they both liked them, too. It was so nice to meet you--btw!


Just made the chili, although I was missing oregano (subbed marjoram) and chili powder of all things (subbed more of everything else) and it was still really, really terrific. Also used the cooking liquid from my beans instead of vegetable stock which I recommend. Love recipes you can mess up-- I want this book, which will make the 3rd vegan cookbook in my meat-eater household.

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