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January 19, 2012



This is a little easier for me, as a non-facebook person. I've been going to the facebook page, but it's hard to keep up, and I often feel like I'm missing good points. This format makes it possible to look back more easily and follow-up on what's pertinent to us. I'd be happy to have the comments here too, since they are often so inspiring. Receiving your blog and these posts is a little like trying to drink out of a firehose, but don't stop!

Thomas Swanson

I use both, but on facebook it's a little easier to point you out:)


Thanks so much for posting this weekly recap. I don't have time to check FB very often, so I miss about 95% of the information. BTW, I always look forward to receiving your emails. You're my favorite information resource!

Fantastic! Just what I needed. I am following your FB page but I was struggling to keep up with all the postings. I was nearly going to cry "too much information" (yes Carol, like drinking out of a firehose!). I started my own blog in the hope that I could manage some of the links I want to keep coming back to - but I can't keep up and FB won't let you browse back very far on someone's page. So thanks for doing this weekly digest. Much appreciated.

linda mandel

Yes, please post your Facebook content on your blog!
I don't want to miss anything, and am still resisting Facebook.

The Healthy Librarian

@Carol: Thanks for the feedback

@Thomas: I agree that it's visually harder to navigate posted on a blog page--than on Facebook---& it's not easy to distinguish my comments, from the articles. Also, you miss all the discussion--& that's often the best part. Lots of helpful discussion.

Mary in Vermont

I'm on fb anyway, and I like those quick posts. I also like the longer, more thorough blog posts, so I'd hate to see those disappear entirely, but I can almost imagine how much work they are! They're great, though. The fb collection on the blog I would just skip, but that no way means you shouldn't do it. Thanks for all the information and inspiration you provide!

The Healthy Librarian

Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

I love how Carol described the blog & the FB page--Like trying to drink out of a fire hose. I just find so many articles I read--and radio shows I hear, so fascinating--with information that's relevant to our lives. At least this way, it's "captured" for later reading.

But for the FB comments--you guys are on your own!

The Healthy Librarian

@Mary: I'm still going to post on the blog--probably 2-3 times a week. It's a totally different medium than FB. But, I'm with you--I like the quick FB postings--and the feedback is wonderful.

Putting them up on the blog works for those folks who don't use FB or want to check back for a recipe, or something else.


Deb, this was a great post. A whole lot of concise information On about a whole lot of stuff... And it went on and on. I saved it as a reference, I may be giving a healthy librarian tutorial on healthy eating to the wellness meeting group at my agency

And gee.... you get more and more prolific at an excelerated pace... and with the facebook page 2... it is pretty incredible


I Love Your Blog ~ Your Emails ~ . Not such a fan of Facebook - Not sure why - in my circle I am the only non-FBer. Thank you for being willing to "squish" all your FB posts and links together for us in one EM. I appreciate ALL of your efforts to keep us up-to-date on so much great information.


I would LOVE a weekly update of your facebook posts if it is not too much trouble for you. HHLL is such a wonderful resource. You are so inspiring!


Great and helpful idea. Thank you for this summary. It's hard to keep up on Facebook and this is lots easier to read and digest. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Healthy Librarian

Thanks for the helpful feedback--and compliments, Ginger, DS, & Bonnie

Pamela Wildermuth

I read your FaceBook page, but find that one can't go back very far, as with a weekly blog like this one you have posted, I can go back and review at leisure and not miss any information. Keep up the great work you do as trust you for good information on our Health issues. Look forward for more to come,
Pamela Wildermuth, Australia

Barbara Watson

The Facebook page is great! I love it and log on every a.m to see what you are posting. Best decison you made this year to get it going!! Always interesting. BUT, I love the more extensive commenatary on your blog, too. Love hearing about your life (Lab Rat and kids), your take on the articles and what you think is relevant. Really, it's what blogs are all about. We feel linked to someone who shares similar views. But I realize it's a LOT of work. Keep up best you can! I'm loving both!


Thanks so much for all the work you put in to your wonderful website. I hope it's as much fun for you as it is for us!

I do not choose to join Facebook at this time so definitely am hoping you will collect your posts in a weekly update for HHLL.

I am simply in awe of you, your family, your lifestyle. Thanks for mentoring the rest of us--we might be kicking and screaming about certain things, but we will get there! I have been trying to follow the plant-based way of eating...have lost 6 pounds so far.

Best wishes for the year ahead,


I just read through the email from you with your FaceBook postings. I loved it.

I'm concerned about your time but I loved seeing your FB posts in an email. I wondered about putting the entries in order of the early part of the week at the top and the last most current entry at the bottom so readers can read down through them kind of in time sequence. I hope that made sense.

I really liked the video of Dr. Esselstyn at the TED speaking conference.

You are a great encouragement.
Thank you very much

Betty Amer

Thanks so much for putting all you posts on your blog. I appreciate the effort it must take you, but it's easier to keep up here than on Facebook which I joined mainly to follow younger generation family members, and I don't log on every day. This way I won't miss anything you post about.


I miss the old HHL blog posts. I'd rather have more posts and more e-mails than such a big post that takes so long. More often shorter blog posts with recipes thrown in is my favorite.


Not a fan of FB. Tried it, didn't like it, left it.
On the other hand, BIG fan of HHLL. As so many others have said, it is my favorite source for health & wellness info.

As a RN and advocate for public health, I depend on your posts. I vote for the weekly Brain Backup version. Thanks for all you do!

Pam Wright

I vote "yes" to the weekly compendium of FB articles. There are limits to how much time I can spend on "recreational reading" online. I visit your FB page less often than your blog so I miss good articles / posts. I hope you continue. The info contained in this blog post will have a longer life than FB posts.


I vote NO to the round up of Facebook posts. It was way too long, and now I don't see the incentive to follow you on Facebook. You have to pick one or the other. If you continue to do this, it would probably make the most sense for me to unLIKE you on Facebook and simply read the digest here.


P.S. I am 28 years old so it looks like I'm in the minority here.


I love the weekly summary! No time for Facebook, but I love your e-mails.

Joy Weese Moll

Thanks for this -- I hadn't found you on Facebook yet. But the weekly round-up will still be helpful since I don't see everything on Facebook.


Yes, please! keep posting here on the blog. I do not use Facebook and I find it easy to search the blog to find something I want to go back to review.

Thank you!


I cast my vote to have the weekly round-up in your newsletter. I have the Facebook account but usually do not have time to check it regularly. Thanks so much for all the helpful information.


Definitely like the weekly roundup ! (Not interested in Facebook, too many privacy issues).

Thanks again for all your great research. I want you to be a guest on the Dr. Oz show!

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