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January 12, 2012



I love Emily's blog and made this recipe for supper last night. I didn't have the jalapeno pepper so I subbed a 4 oz can of mild diced green chilis and added diced green bell pepper since I have too many in my refrigerator. I served it over brown rice. I like the idea of adding red lentils - next time. Very delicious and satisfying on a cold winter night. Food is always so interesting on this eating plan!


This sounds really delicious. I might try making it in a crockpot on low/medium heat to give the flavors more of a chance to meld together.

The Healthy Librarian

@Bonnie, so interesting that you also discovered Daily Garnish! Happy to hear your feedback on how it turned out. I'm with you--there is nothing boring about this eating plan at all! There is an endless supply of creative & delicious recipes to try out.

@Shalini, I agree. This would be a perfect chili to make in a crockpot. Let me know how it turns out.

Alysson Hartmann

Thanks for this post. I was just trying to decide that to make for dinner and we have all the ingredients for this on hand. Looks delicious! I will check out Emily's blog as well. Anything recommended by you has to be good! Happy Anniversary to you and your friends!

The Healthy Librarian

Thanks for terrific compliment, Alysson!! Let me know what you think. Be careful with the seasonings if you're not fond of heat.

Judy Crow

I think I'll try it tonight, sounds yummy

The Healthy Librarian

@ Judy--let me know how it turns out!

Teresa Kato

So funny, I have been following Emily's blog almost as long as I've been following yours... Saw this recipe there and had plans to work on adapting it but am happy to see you've done the work for me! Can't wait to try it. On another note... Hasn't it been fun to follow the progress of Emily's pregnancy and life with that gorgeously photogenic baby boy?

The Healthy Librarian

@Teresa: So funny we've both been following Emily, too. I really enjoyed following her through the pregnancy & oh "that adorable little boy"---especially because her pregnancy started around at almost the same time as my daughter-in-law's--so the "babes" are around the same age.


Looks fantastic, will give it a try in the next week!

Betty Amer

I made this recipe Saturday and it was pretty good. But there’s a similar recipe by Isa Chandra on PostPunk Kitchen (, Red Lentil Thai Chili, which I made about two weeks ago that I really like better. It uses more red lentils, and coconut milk (I used almond milk and coconut extract per the Healthy Librarian). (Also I used a little Hot Curry Oriental Blend instead of Thai Red Curry Paste which I didn’t have—when I make it again I’ll use Sambal Badjak chili paste.)

Alysson Hartmann

OMGosh, this was SO GOOD. My meat loving husband loved it and I couldn't get enough. I can't believe how healthy it is...packed with good stuff and no oil as per your recipe modification, yay! So easy to make, too. Thanks again!

The Healthy Librarian

So glad it was a hit at your house. Thanks for the feedback--I always appreciate it!

Pam Wright

Made this for dinner tonight - loved it! We like spicy food so I added Madras hot curry powder to "kick it up a notch." Before we started on a plant based diet, Esselstyn style, we thought it might be boring - no way! Thanks for the recipe.

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