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March 06, 2012


Cherie Perkins

Thanks again for another important post. The media is downplaying this but of course we know who pays their bills.

Sue Miller

I'm following your posts on this topic with much husband is on 80mg of Simvastatin. I e-mail his cardiologist occasionally (tried to get him to attend the Appalachian Summit last year and hear Caldwell Esselstyn speak...will try again for the summit this year). We did get him to admit: "I wish all my patients were vegan", but no luck getting him to attend an event yet. He is open to research though, but wants double-blind studies, etc...strictly scientific method, no anecdotal, etc.
I too would like to know answers to some of the questions you raised....i.e. recommendations for CO Q10. Also very curious as to where that 'line' is in dosage amounts, but in reading all your referenced articles, I see that no one wants to put a number out there on that yet, or rather is unable to at this time.

Very scary stuff and every time I discuss the topic of this drug and the possibility of him getting off of it or reducing the dosage with my husband, he reminds me the doc has said he will always be on statins. I think I may print off some of these references and go with him to the next appt. (I have my husband now about 70% vegan/plant strong, oil has been harder to get him off although I've recently had more success and he rarely gets anything but plant-based heart-friendly --ala Esselstyn---food here at home).

Thank you so much for your work. I rely so heavily on it.
Sue in Ohio

JP Saunders

HealthyLibrarian, thank you for the great post. So, yes, the risk of statin-induced diabetes increases in keeping with increased dosages of statin drugs -- as do other adverse events like statin-induced muscle injury. I'm confused by the apparent confusion as to why ill-effects are increased when the drug dosage is increased. Isn't that the way it usually works?


Thank you for laying out the research finding on such a controversial public health concern. I am someone who has taken
moderate dose statins for 3 or 4 years and has a family with high risk profile for CAD.

This is just more evidence that the safety net (FDA and AMA) that I though was looking out for me
on such huge issues is really just playing a big game of CYA. How are the say 9-20 % of people who
develop dangerous side effects supposed to feel?

When I saw Doctor Nissen on National television saying the the benefits outweigh the risk of stopping the meds, I promptly cut
my dose in half. Why, because he is one man. And I am one man, and this is my body, and I have a decision to make and would
prefer to not be wagering if I am in the lucky 80-90%. I saw an internet video presentation of a Cardiology summit at Cleveland Clinic
headed by this man only a year and a half ago and you would have thought if he had things his way they would be introducing Statins
in the general water supply!! Not a mention of adverse incidents of Diabetes. His whole talk was that dosing needed to be higher!

Our Medical Society is herding people into procedures and treatments that will make some people lots of money and hopefully be net
positive for the masses. Is that the best we can do?

I don't think so and thanks to HL you can have info to help you make a decision your Government and your Doctor are
admitting they are not too sure of.

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