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April 01, 2012


Alexandra Lupin Rajzman

Thank you so much for this menu! I was wondering how I was going to figure that one out and your article is a wonderful source of inspiration for me and my family! Blessed Passover to you :)


Thanks for the suggestions - the leek/potato gratin sounds wonderful - I've been trying to come up with potatoes that weren't same old/same old. I'm allergic to both cashews and almonds. I'm wondering if walnuts would work. What do you think?

Andrea Miller

I have microwaved the quinoa using slightly less than the two to one ratio or grain to water. It has worked quite well.

Thank you for these ideas. At the family gathering, everyone brings something. If you tell them ahead it is good for you, no one will touch it. If you don't say a word, the dish is cleaned out.

The Healthy Librarian

@Alexandra: Thank you so much! Happy Passover to you & your family.

@Carol: I'd substitute the walnuts--or use hulled hemp seeds--Bob's Red Mill. They're very tasty, & probably a better substitute than any nut. Haven't tried it myself, yet--though.

@Carol: Thanks for the suggestion.

Jodean Marks

Wonderful-looking recipes! I've already forwarded this post to two friends. Here's another idea: I'm wondering if quinoa would sub for the bulgur in baked kibbeh. Seems like it's worth a try. There's a recipe online for pumpkin kibbeh stuffed with turnip greens ( I'd use matzah meal instead of the soft bread crumbs and ground flaxseed instead of the eggs. And there's a chick pea and eggplant kibbeh recipe in _Vegan Planet_.


So many delicious ideas!!
How much time ahead of baking do you think the gratin can be assembled? Wondering how the matzo will hold up. It would be helpful not to be dealing with it at the last minute.
Thanks for all you do and may you have a zeissen Pesach!

The Healthy Librarian

@Jodean: Thanks for pumpkin kibbeh recipe. I've never made kibbeh, but, hey, it's all good ingredients, & I've used all those substitutions--I bet it would work just fine. Please let me know.

@Georgette: I think you can assemble the gratin a day ahead. The matzo serves like a noodle--& you soften it anyway in warm water--the hardest part of the process. I've made many similar recipes--the Mina de Matzo--and I make it ahead of time--& eat it over many days. It holds up just like a lasagna holds up. Happy Passover. Let's hear it for preparing ahead of time--and for dishes that do well in a low slow oven. I bet you can even eat this at room temperature, if necessary.


Earlier this week I tried the Quinoa Black bean and Mango dish. WOW! Flavorful, great texture variety! and left-overs tasted wonderful the next day for lunch . Thanks SO much for sharing your passion for healthy eating. It is making a difference in my house.

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