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May 15, 2012



I'm glad you have this additional information. I was watching Weight of the Nation and it was saying that you never have a new "set point" after you lose weight. That isn't what I have experienced. I have been at a new low for several years now. Maybe four? I still weigh too much though. I know that to lose I will have to further reduce calories, but it has been nice being at an even point for this long. I cannot go crazy eating, but I don't have to be hyper-vigilant either. I am going to try the calculation you linked and get a better idea of what I will need to commit to.

Philippa Sonnichsen

I am so thrilled to read your posts. They are incredibly informative and inspiring. I will just add that as someone who has always been thin - due to feeling starved most of the time - I am thrilled to be eating as you do. I feel healthy, energetic, and FULL instead of deprived. I much prefer this to the way I used to eat. Congrats for all your success in getting thinner and healthier, and many, many, many thanks for providing us with your terrific blog.

M.E. Carveth

I wanted to watch the HBO movie but it stopped every 1-2 seconds so I finally gave up. I have fast computer but it was too frustrating!

Love you posts; forward many to friends. Wish you could appear on Dr. Oz!

Thanks for everything.

Margo C.


I can't wait to get home and play around with the simulator more (I'm at work and am doing it surreptitiously ;) I find it's a little challenging making sure you input everything correctly in all the boxes, though ... I accidently wound up mistyping my goal weight ... imagine my delight when I found out that I could reach my goal weight in 180 days by INCREASING my caloric intake by 2000 calories! Sadly, I corrected the error ...

Evelyn Kendall

Carson Chow,in my opinion, got it half right when it comes to the over production of food being the cause of the obesity epidemic. No one is getting fat eating too much broccoli. The huge food production in the US centers around corn, soy, wheat and other grains used to feed animals...beef, dairy cows, poultry, and pigs as well as the production of oils. The result is the consumption of foods that make us fat. Cheese, ice cream, milk, butter, eggs, deep fried just about everything, bacon, processed meats....all the foods high in calories and low in nutrition. Vegetables are not especially cheap - especially when compared to a box of macaroni and cheese. And who do we have to thank for this state of affairs? Ultimately the US government and its subsidies, the food processors who make sure that the addictive tastes of sugar, salt and fat are embedded everywhere, and advertisers who peddle the stuff.

The Healthy Librarian

@Evelyn: 100% agree with everything you have said! The farm subsidies to corn, soy, & wheat were addressed (& blamed) as another of the many reasons for obesity in the "Weight of the Nation"---as well as sugar. Fat, salt, & sugar are real doozies. They didn't touch the oil issue--most conventional researchers still think olive oil, canola oil, & certain other polyunsaturated oils are healthy. I don't.

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