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May 05, 2012



I have been following your blog for a short time, though I have never commented. I live down in St. George with my family- close to Bryce and Zion. Glad you had a nice stay and I was so excited to read about your dining experiences down here. We don't get out a lot, but now I know where to go when we do! Mother's Day IS coming up ;) It really is so beautiful down here and you picked a great time of year too. That is too bad that so few people up North (SLC) had seen Forks. I bet your presentation was fantastic and gave people a lot to think about. Glad to see you had a fun trip and, as always, I enjoy reading and learning all your all your research and experiences. Cheers!


Utah is a beautiful place. Loved the pictures. We've hiked Zion and Arches but not Bryce. Veg News rated SLC as the most vegan friendly US city. Hope to get back there soon for food and outdoor activities. Congratulations on your presentation. It's wonderful to help others and I'm so happy that you are doing it and doing it so well! Rock on!


Sounds like you made an impact in Utah! Thank you for sharing your wellness journey. The pics are fantasic.

mistah charley, ph.d.

It looks and sounds like a wonderful trip. If missus charley and I get to that general part of the country we want to do the Grand Canyon. We'd have to toughen up quite a bit to get the most out of it - but we've recently started eating plant strong. One of us is already a gym goer also. The other one finds athletic club surroundings rather too evocative of the phys ed classes I hated, half a century ago, but in the past couple of weeks I find myself thinking I'd like to get a bicycle and start riding again.

Will the video of your talk be posted by the Utah Library Association? I just found the PDF of your handout - 112 pages, with linked citations - wow. You don't do things half-way, do you?

Using the search function, I don't see a reference here at your blog to the poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., "The Deacon's Masterpiece, or The Wonderful One-Hoss Shay."

Clearly your aim is to find the strategies most likely to produce a similar result with the human vehicle. Some of your readers who are not acquainted with this work of literature would enjoy it, I think.

The Healthy Librarian

@Sarah, St. George is so close to where we were--I also met a librarian at Dixie St from St. George at the ULA conference. If you're going to Springdale for Mother's Day---plan ahead if you go to Bit & Spur, because they do run out of some of these vegan-friendly specials--reserve one so you aren't disappointed! Word of warning---you'll have to tell them to leave out the cheese or pork--which was no problem at all. There's also a vegan-friendly Thai restaurant in Springdale, very close to the entrance of Zion! So glad to hear from you. If you ever get up to SLC--you HAVE TO TRY Sage's.

@Penny: Thanks so much, Penny. You won't be disappointed with Bryce. Can't wait to return & hike Arches & Canyonlands. I also want to hike into Slot Canyon (with a guide) in the Grande Escalante Staircase Natl. Monument. That's supposed to be thrilling--but you need a 4WD to get there--and I'd want to be someone who knows the area--it's supposed to be challenging.

@Val: Thanks for all your pre-presentation support! You are fantastic--and so generous. Don't know if I made an impact--but I certainly hope I planted some seeds. It was an awesome trip! Hope to see you soon. BTW--I got a copy of the upcoming HBO "Weight of the Nation" DVD, if you'd like to show it at your library.

@Mistah Charley: Sorry, no video was taken. I'm amazed at how many readers were able to "track down" the pdf's of the presentation. Yeah, you're right--I don't do anything halfway. Thanks, for the link to the OWH poem. I'm not familiar with it & I'm curious to see how it applies. Get the bike and start riding again. Wish we had time to get to the Grand Canyon, too--it's been about 38 years since we were there & took the mule ride into the canyon. Start training now!

Amy Trenton

I've lived in Utah (Salt Lake City) for most of my adult life and have never been to this cafe or really explored this area of the state to be honest. I'm feeling pretty inspired to get down there and check it out now. I'll have to convince my husband to tag along. It shouldn't be hard:)

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