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June 30, 2012


Kim Hawkins

Too cool: I just bought all the ingredients to make the Bahn mi too! Can't wait to try them!

Mary in Vermont

The movie sounds great - the lead-in reminds me of Jack Findley's Time and Time Again. I'm a time-travel nut from way back myself. Fascinating concept. As for the blog posts - the Golubic study, more on gut bacteria, more on vegan athletes...actually, they all sound pretty interesting. Thanks, as always, for the recipes - I'm looking forward to blueberry season.


Three of your suggestions sound interesting to me: the Dr. Golubic presentation, the Strong Bone diet and the surgeons who followed the Esselstyn plan. Love your blog - read it and your FB postings regularly and recommend them. Please keep it up.


Please start with the Strong Bones Diet. What a wonderful list.
Your blog has been so helpful to me. I've paid lots of attention to diet and health consequences all my life (now 70), but it's so difficult to first be aware of, and second balance all the new information. You've helped me enormously to plot a pathway thru all the likely pitfalls. I've been mostly vegetarian (infrequent fish) since the mid-70s; now a no-added-oil vegan. Both my husband and I are in much better shape than we'd be otherwise. Thanks so much. I was well on my way to this position before I found your blog (~ 2yrs ago), but your writing has given me so much more confidence that I'm correct in being here.


Love this blog — thank you so much for all the good research.

Really, really need all the strong bone advice you can provide.

wendy (healthy girls kitchen)

Great minds think alike! I totally made those oat bars this week, but I'm not sure I cooked em long enough. I substituted cherry juice for the apple juice and used dried cherries and vegan chocolate chips to make them into a chocolate cherry oat bar. They taste amazing!!!!!

On another note, are you up for another plant-strong pot luck this summer?

linda mandel

My top picks for future blogs:
-The 100% plant-based Washington, DC trip and how eating out will make you fat in a flash, even in walk-friendly city.
-Lifestyle & diet in the prevention of prostate cancer--recent research update.
-My B-12 test results update. What one B-12 expert told me.
-The "Strong Bone" diet. It's not just Vitamin D & Calcium. A summary of three recent articles that spell out the protocol for strong bones--the right nutrients & the questionable supplements.

I am jealous of your summer. Have broken my arm and now everything is on hold or canceled. Please let me enjoy vicariously through you!

Linda in Calif.


Please...the cardiologists' stories, what the B12 expert told you and the info on bone health. Thanks for all the great recipes and health info. Looking forward to more blogs as I am not a Facebooker, though I do check out your page frequently. Enjoy your summer...I just got back from a family visit in Ohio and could not believe the great weather there!


The recipes today and the movie sound great. Of the future posts you mentioned, I'd most love to see the ones about bones, the cardiologists, the 2 year update and closet purge (as someone who just did a major move four days ago, and clearly hasn't purged enough yet!)....oh, and prostate cancer, since my husband's family history is riddled with it.....Also success stories, kale, and, well, actually, it's pretty hard to choose! They are all relevant and interesting topics, which is why we enjoy your blog so much. Thank you so much for all your hard work on our behalf. I don't think we've ever been bored.

Sheila in Sarasota

Thanks for the great recipes HHL! I personally would love you to blog about Gut bacteria and about the cardiologists and the surgeon who decided to follow Dr. E.'s diet. But really and truly they all sound fascinating! Thanks so much for all you do!

Wes Grueninger

The cardiologist's stories please. Then the oatmeal.

And thanks for the movie tip. My wife and I almost went to see it this afternoon, but I was afraid it would be "Entertainment Not Guaranteed."

Your review has pushed it into the "must see" column. I think I will surprise her with a Sunday matinee.

Keep up the good work!


I love this blog. Since discovering your writing, my hobby has become reviewing all of your back posts. I am a health education nurse/case manager and share all of your updates with colleagues. Science-based makes the difference. Keep the great recipes and articles of interest coming. My vote for upcoming posts: the Golubic presentation, gut bacteria, cardiologists. I find everything you post relevant. THANK YOU!

Leah Solomon

Ooh so many goodies to choose from! I'd love to read the following:
Strong bones diet, gut bacteria, and more recipes, as always! I think I'll try the oat bars tonight. Thank you so much for all your posts.

ed nelson

I'd go for bullet point #1 / then the oatmeal / and I'm curious about Russian Kale.

And a note on the efficacy of this form of feeding for a 6'2" sixty-five year old Midwesterner. I track my weight and exercise. My weight 6/30/1996: 227 pounds. My weight 6/30/10: 228 pounds. My weight 6/30/11: 230. My weight: 6/30/12: 210.6. Tonight I had the Trader Joe's lentil salad with spinach. Even a partial - but significant - shift to a plant based diet appears (!) to be producing results. Thank you.


This one please.......Two cardiologists and one cardiovascular surgeon who decided to follow Esselstyn's plant-based no-oil diet. What's their story, why did they decide to take this route for themselves, and how has it benefited their health.


Strong bones, Harriet Lerner interview, closet purge (all sound great). FYI: can't wait to see the movie--I live in Seattle and we are all like that!

Annette Van Baalen

All your post ideas sound interesting, but I'd really like to hear about the Take Control of Your Health presentation since that's something I'm always striving to do, especially now that I'm watching my father go downhill with dementia.


I am really very much interestes in the cardiologists and your own 2 year update!
Then the bone health post.
Noone else seems to share this interest but the Vitamin B12 update after your high test result would be really important to me as my B12 was borderline high/ too high at the last test but my Homocystein was not as low as I would wish (over 10). Since then I am really not sure how to deal with supplementation.
Very difficult to choose only a few posts. Everthing sounds really interesting!

Your blog (facebook page) always helps me enormously with facts and encouragement!
Thanks from Silvia in Germany


Looking forward to all of your upcoming posts, particularly the Bone Strong diet. Thanks!

Mike Cherol

HL wrote "1 1/2 teaspoon grated fresh ginger NOTE: I'm tired of throwing out dried out ginger." Try freezing your fresh ginger
and just grate the frozen ginger. Works great.

The Bahn Mi salad looks great, can't wait to try.

Oats, Kale, Gut bacteria (this one is controversial), and Cardiologists would top my list.




I'd like to hear about the 2 cardiologists and the CV surgeon. Also the presentation of Dr Golubic.

Lisa Austin

Love all your potential future posts. Esp. like 1,4,5 and 7.

Have purged alot of clothes could throw out more. Have maintained 20+lb weight loss for over 1 year now. Still wondering if we will maintain for the long run.

You are the best source of info for this type of diet. I really appreciate your time and efforts for your readers.

Do you have any thoughts on low-glycemic foods vs. calorie density as recommended by Jeff Novick?


I'd love to see more of your no oil plant based recipes. You truly do have the best! Also, I'd be interested in the cardiologists following Dr. E's diet, the stong bone diet, gal pal trip recipes, and the DC trip.....Thanks for all you do for all of us following this lifestyle!


NEED info on gut health -- husband fighting chronic ulcerative colitis for 5 years and now facing surgery. There must be a better way!! Thanks for your encouraging help!

The Healthy Librarian

So much to say to each of you, but dinner awaits. Thank you all so much for all of your encouraging, thoughtful, generous comments. It's just incredible & wonderful to hear from so many of you.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who wrote me on FB, via email, or on the blog with their top picks of posts I've been planning to write about. If you haven't yet weighed in, please do.

So far, the top picks are:

1. The Two Cardiologists (anonymous) & Cardiovascular Surgeon who are following the Esselstyn-style diet

2. The Strong Bone Diet (based on research)

3. Summary of Dr. Mladen Golubic's presentation "Take Control of Your Health: A Proactive Approach to Wellness & Aging"

4. How our gut bacteria work for us

BTW: They're my top picks, too! Please have patience, though, there isn't going to be much free writing time this summer.

Mary Martin

I'd love to hear more about the 5 books you are reading but - of course very interested in # - the two cardiologists - I alway enjoy your posts - I should look into the "gut" health. My 21 yo daughter had her gall bladder out a couple years ago and of all things she has issues with beans sometimes - need to learn more about why!


I'd like anything about travel--Gal Pal Getaway and Eating out makes you fat; also Two cardiologists sounds good.
A movie recommendation is Steve Carel's Friend Needed for the End of the World. In theaters now and it's not a comedy. We really liked it.
Thanks for all of the information and inspiration!


re: ginger, here's a trick I find very helpful:

Get beautiful fresh firm ginger from the store, pref. organic.

Peel and slice it up in rounds (or chop it if you feel ambitious).

Put all the pieces into a plastic baggie that seals pretty well, squeeze out air, and move the pieces a bit if they're all clumped together.

Store in freezer. Use a slice at a time!

--from a reader who loves the taste of fresh ginger & also doesn't like to have it go to waste in the fridge.

The Healthy Librarian

@Ninufar: Brilliant!!


I vote for the strong bones diet post too!

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