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June 23, 2012


The Healthy Librarian

@Dawn, I'm no expert with brands, although I do follow ConsumerLabs. Many docs I'm sure would say you don't a multi--so my compromise is a 100% whole food brand, called MegaFood. I use the Women over 40 One Daily--and follow Dr. Michael Roizen's advice to break it in half, & take it a 2 different times with meals, during the day. For B-12 I use Jarrow's methylcobalamin--what the B-12 researcher recommended to me--it's more natural. For D3 I LOVE Rainbow Light Sunny Gummies Sour Lemon 1000 IU . They taste so good I never miss. I'm not so good about taking my vitamins every day. For omega-3 it's the Spectrum prenatal 240 mg of algal DHA.


Debby, I have been on a strict vegan diet for four years now, but I do consume oil, nuts, and avocado. I get my blood checked regularly, and the most recent time was last week. I had (and have always had) normal B12 levels. The thing is, I have never supplemented with a vitamin. I do consume sea vegetables at least once a week because they have a lot of B12 in them. Have you heard of this? What are your thoughts?


Update on my husband's numbers: we've been Esselstyning since 2/10/12, numbers above (Cathy). At 20 weeks of eating this way, his Cholesterol is now 143! HDL 57. LDL 74. Triglycerides 59. We also tested Vit D which had been 30,is now 40, and B12 for the first time, whch was 1384. As with Healthy L, he was overdoing the supplement, will drop back to once a week instead of every day. We use Nature's Bounty sublingual from Costco.

The Healthy Librarian

@ Cathy: That's a fantastic test result! Congrats to your husband. I know for me, re the B-12, I got additional B12 from the enriched soy milk I have in my oatmeal daily, from nutritional yeast, which I use in cooking, & from a small amount in a multi I take. Maybe that's what put it over the top. Who knows. So, Cathy, are these latest results with the 1/2 dose of statins, or w/o any?


@Healthy: yes, we're excited about Scott's scores. Those numbers are, alas, with simvastatin on board - 10mg daily. He thinks the statin will protect his vessels, and I say our new diet does it without the drug side effects. I'm hoping we can eventualy convince him to try 3 months without the statin and test again. He's ignoring the potential long-term side effects, and I'm letting him...for now.


Your numbers would improve more if you threw fish back into the diet along with daily krill oil. Talk about reducing inflammation...

Healthy Librarian

@Ross: I participated in pilot study comparing fish-eaters with those of a plant-based diet & those on a plant-based diet, eating chia/flax/greens had superior omega-3 & DHA levels to those eating fish a number of times a week. For the purposes of that study I was "off of any vegan alagal DHA supplements". Post-study, I do take a regular algal DHA supplement. Just saying... And the CRP levels of those on a nutrient-dense plant-based diet hardly even register, they are so low.


I wonder though if there's a connection between intake of vitamin K and B12? Can I take both everyday? Won't it have any side effects?

The Healthy Librarian

@K2: Sorry, I can't advise you about the K2--or any connection of it to B12---K2 is a fairly new area of study, & the natural fermented soy product, natto is supposed to be an abundant source of it--but, it's also supposed to be nasty tasting. The research on K2 is promising--and intriguing, but, it's it's not an inexpensive supplement. Thanks for bringing K2 back into my radar screen. It's definitely worth looking into more--both for it's bone & heart benefits.

Claire Levitt

I need to watch my sugar. What is a good brand of yogurt to take?

The Healthy Librarian

@Claire Levitt: I make my own without any sugar!! And from soy milk. WholeSoy & Co. used to have a Plain yogurt made without any sugar--but, they also make a Plain yogurt (has a blue label) that has sugar in it. It's really hard to find a Plain NO SUGAR non-dairy yogurt, which is why I'm making my own. Good luck!

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