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July 31, 2012


Constance Braid

Hi, I am going to try this tonight with the cashews. It looks fantastic--just checked the pantry and I have fennel seeds!

Looks like you had a great vacation. So glad you are back because your posts really inspire me to stay on the vegan path. Thanks for all you do!


I am going to try this! Last night I made Chesapeake Chickpea Sandwiches p. 105 in Quick Fix. Really good, hubby had 2 of them. Happy to have you back online. Great to hear about your vacation adventures and see your nice looking family.

Healthy Librarian

@Constance: Let me know how you like it. Thanks for the welcome back!

@Penny: I totally never noticed those burgers. Thanks for bringing to my attention. Maybe tomorrow night.... The hubby says he's cooking tomorrow night & I just bought a package of Alvarado Street Sprouted grain buns! Thanks for the sweet words.

Pam Wilkins, Augusta, Ga

In April I started the plant based way of life! I am so grateful for people like itself that post encouragement, recipes & on so that we newbies can learn how to be healthy! Thank u & I look forward to many more posts!

Pam judgement...I have a 3 year old grandchild, too :)


mistah charley, ph.d.

Re the fries - I ate fries this weekend myself, at a restaurant that had a veggie menu available on request - five items, and I chose the GardenBurger, which came with fries. I didn't regret the fries so much as going for the dessert - a peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream - now THAT was a mistake, delicious as it was. I'd been to this restaurant four or five years ago, and at that time they did NOT have a veggie menu, so plant-based is spreading (or, alternatively, maybe they did and I just didn't notice it, as I was not on the plant-based plan myself yet).

The Healthy Librarian

@Pam W.: Thank you so much!

@Pam: Appreciate that! Hey, we have to give those little kids some treats every once in awhile!

@Mistah Charley, PhD: Thanks--glad to hear you understand, & I enjoyed my fries as much as I know you enjoyed yours. I'm always sorry about those desserts. Rarely worth it, right?

@Penney: Thanks to your suggestion, we dined on the Chesapeake Chickpea Sandwiches tonight. Fabulous! Thanks for clueing me in.


I've been on the Esselstyn diet for 8 months now and have had issues with fatigue on this diet. I'm taking the recommended 1000ug of B-12 but still need to see an improvement in my energy levels. I also found out I'm Gluten intolerant so now the Esselstyn diet gets even more restrictive as I ditch the gluten based whole grains.

Betty Amer

I made the orzo salad with cashew dressing last night for dinner and we liked it a lot--had it for lunch today too, and there's still some left for tomorrow because I doubled the recipe (!) for three of us because I wanted to be sure to have leftovers.

Yrsa Lindholm

I've really wanted to try these "No-Oil Sicilian-Style Orzo Salad with Toasted Walnuts & Raisins", It's too bad there is no recipe included on your post or did I just missed it. On the other hand, @Judith, based from my readings from, choosing veggies over meats can potentially lead to vitamin b12 deficiency, is there any proof of this being true?

The Healthy Librarian

@Judith: Sorry to hear that you're experiencing fatigue. Definitely, see your physician to first make sure that something else isn't causing your fatigue--it has many causes; Get checked for celiac. If you have it--you aren't properly absorbing nutrients, including B-12, D, etc. Get your B-12 level checked. Be sure you're getting enough protein (from beans, which have lysine). I drink soy milk (make my oatmeal with it), eat tofu & tempeh to boost my protein intake. There are wheat-free brown rice or pea protein powders, too--if that's your problem. Be sure you're getting enough iron (check with your dr.)--beans are a great source. Be sure you're eating ENOUGH calories--that's a usual culprit in fatigue. I don't know your age--but my doc routinely checks all women after age 50 for hypothyroidism--a very common problem. Read Ginny Messina's book--Vegan for Life--she's an RD & her book in research based. Look at her co-author's (Jack Norris') website for more info on nutrition. Hope this helps. There are just so many possible reasons for fatigue--the most common medical complaint--but, your doc can check for any medical causes.

The Healthy Librarian

@Betty: So glad you like the recipe!

@Yrsa: The recipe was right in the post, plus there was a link to the recipe all on one page for printing.


"Please don't judge us." That gave me my heartiest laugh of the day. Love your blog. :)

Angela Miller

It's really wonderful what you are doing. You are using your God-given time and talent to promote health. I've already gleaned so many great ideas from your blog (that are feasible in my life)- and have gotten encouraged as well.

You are truly a wonderful person and a light. You are helping so many!

May God bless you. John 6:47.

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