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August 05, 2012


Melinda Y.

I so continue to enjoy your posts, recipes and website. I am always telling someone new to visit your site for great information.

I've found my calling and am working on being a nutrition coach as my second career (while still working on my first career in the meantime). So many people ask me, "Where do I even start?" I've often pondered this, because it is so easy for me as I've been living and eating healthy for a long time (and now 8 month vegetarian - working towards vegan). While I have my own ideas - starting with easy, attainable changes, and working towards bigger changes once one has mastered some easy ones, I thought I would ask you your thoughts. Also, have you ever given any thought to adding a section on the left hand side of your page titled "Where Do I Begin?"
Just a thought.
Melinda Y.


Thanks so much for sharing your family and vacation. We are currently on our first vacation since going plant-based and I am using several of your ideas. I can't thank you enough! I love your blog.


That looks like the perfect vacation! You're lucky to have so many plant eaters among you. We're thinking of a California beach vacation next year. Thanks for all of the wonderful advice!

We always book motel rooms that have a microwave and maybe a fridge. When we take short 2-3 day trips, I take cooked oatmeal for breakfast to heat up,a dinner casserole or two and sandwich fixings. Sometime I may take my small crock pot for oats or baked potatoes. If there's a Whole Foods we get deli food, too and I always check for veg restaurants before we leave.

So far our diet has discouraged us from traveling overseas. Maybe the only option is to take veg only tours but I imagine those are limited. Anyone have thoughts or experiences with that?

Melinda C.

I loved all the pictures and the ideas you gave for a successful beach vacation. Vegan vacations take a lot of planning, but once that's done it's really nice to get away. Thanks again!


I love your blog! I had fun reading this. You did an excellent job and seem like such a fun family! I find that eating outside the home (especially with family) is so challenging. Your family all seem pretty health conscious, though, so that helps tremendously!


Great post and photos! I really enjoyed the description of such an easy-going, restful vacation. I'd like a vacation like that! :)

Ann Secord

Love your blog - especially this post. The menu ideas and the travel packing are terrific. In addition we renewed our vows on the 28th in Vegas - 25 years. I always take the Vitamix and now the juicer on vacations with me - just wish there was a way to pack them up when we fly somewhere. Any suggestions? I'd even pay decent money if I could rent for a week at a time.

Thanks again for all your inspiration and practical suggestions.


Looks fantastic! So glad you had such a lovely family vacation. I'm inspired to organise one for my family. Cheers

Emily Holmes

Wow - lokks great and fun. Thanks so much for sharing.

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