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August 14, 2012



Thanks again for a great post. I appreciated hearing that you too are a work in progress. It seems I battle, am overcome, and vanquish my toughest issues in a wavelike form. Sometimes I am the victor and sometimes not. But hey at least I keep trying to take better care of myself.
Enjoy your time at the lake and unplug yourself again for a bit to really relax.
I have buckwheat groats soaking for an attempt on this recipe. Yay!


Happy August to you too!
The cobbler recipe sounds yummy.
It's fresh peach season here in Israel and this is a great way to eat even more peaches.
A couple questions here.
Have you come across any information about wheat being bad for human consumption? That the wheat we eat these days is different from ancient wheat and therefore causes "wheat belly" and dietary problems.
I love your Nutrition Facts that you produce for the recipes. How do you do that? What tool do you use? I'd like to be able to figure out the nutritional information of some of the recipes I've hacked to make a healthier version.
Thanks, Lisa


Debby, I love the idea of the buckwheat pudding, but I just tried it, and thought it was going to kill my Vita-mix! The mixture was so thick that after awhile I actually thought I was smelling burning out motor, so I stopped and declared it done. I did it exactly as written, except that I didn't have the banana, and when the machine seemed to be struggling, I added a cup of water to thin it. Have I missed something? It's pretty tasty, anyway, even without the banana. I wonder if a food processor would actually handle the thickness better, though I suppose it wouldn't be as creamy. The reserved groats are a genius move - it really seems like you're getting nuts, but without the fat. I wonder if those could be used in other recipes just for the crunch.....

The Healthy Librarian

Yikes, Carol,

That wasn't my experience at all. Sorry for that. Did you add 1 1/4 cups of milk to the mixture? My VitaMix didn't have a problem with the mixing at all. Did it on high-speed.

I did measure the amount of groats--after they were soaked overnight, and it came to 4 cups. Only 3 cups goes into the VitaMix. Also, it's just 1-15 ounce can of plain pumpkin.

I think you could definitely make this in a food processor. You wouldn't want to damage your VitaMix. I've heard from other people who have made this & no one mention that they had a problem with their VitaMixes. So sorry.

The Healthy Librarian

Hi Lisa,

I've read that the common variety of wheat--commercially grown in the U.S.--is one that is much higher in gluten then it had been in the past--it's hardier, disease/drought-resistant & has a longer shelf life once it's ground. Wheat, isn't the most nutritious of the grains. There are plenty of other varieties from which to choose. I can get a bread made of heirloom wheat. That said, I don't eat many foods with flour--breads & buns I eat are usually made from flour-less sprouted mixed grains. Gluten doesn't disagree with me--and I eat seitan which is made with wheat gluten.

As for the nutritional facts software I use--I wish it included more vitamins, minerals, & omega-3's & omega-6's---but, I still like it. It's


Hi Debby,
Thanks so much for the link to MYFoodDiary. This will come in handy when I'm sharing recipes with friends and they seem skeptical about the nutrition in these "proteinless" recipes.

Thanks also for the info about wheat, I'll have to start expanding my grain horizons. I'm already doing more with quinoa as a base for toppings and I just tried Dr Fuhrman's banana&oat bars - wonderful and wheat-free. We're big fans of brown rice too, this Friday night dinner is the Esselstyn lentil dahl with brown rice.


What is the chipotle topping on? Whatever it is it looks so good, could you make a short list.
I think cilantro, avocados, green onion, and potato?? Then I don't have a clue.

Healthy Librarian

@Jeanne: The topping is on VegNews Black Bean Quinoa Enchiladas. I just made a new version of this last need & used potatoes instead of the quinoa. Yum. Here's the VegNews recipe (not my version):

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