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September 18, 2012



Thank you for this post. It's not something I've paid much attention to either. But it should be. I'll be looking at the different links you posted. I've been aware about Europe not allowing them... but that's about all.


Thank you for yet another valuable and informative post.

Janet N

Thanks for all this great info. I can't wait to watch the movie. I have been aware of, and avoiding GMOs for years. Here is some more homework if you want it: check out this website: You can subscribe to their weekly newsletter and be updated regularly. What amazes me is how these corporations keep winning in court despite so much evidence against them. Something has to change and we have to be informed enough to help accomplish it.
Debbie, thanks for all the great info you share. Especially the recipes! They are fabulous!


Thanks for the video link!
I have tried to avoid gmo for years now (easier in Europe, especially as a vegan) but I never knew that there is actually so much hard evidence of its dangers.
This docu really shocked me!
The most shocking parts in my opinion were the experiences of farmers in India and workers in South Africa because those are people without or with very limited choice in the matter.
Again thank you for your great work with this blog and your facebook page!

mistah charley, ph.d.

"What amazes me is how these corporations keep winning in court despite so much evidence against them."

If you start from the assumption that the pursuit of truth, justice, and the American Way is some approximation of what the legal system is here for, and that there is a very large difference between a legitimate government and a criminal gang, then this is "amazing." It is less surprising when you recognize that the levers of power are in the hands of the MICFiC, the Military Industrial Financial Corporate Media Complex, to elaborate on a phrase from President Eisenhower's 1961 Farewell Address, which I hope will one day be taught to every schoolchild.

Eisenhower's speech in draft form had the phrase "the military-industrial-congressional complex", but he took "congressional" out after objections from those who thought it might offend important people - as it would have, of course. I've restored that word, and added a couple of others for comprehensiveness.


M ilitary
I ndustrial
C ongressional
Fi nancial
C orporate Media Complex

The second "i" in MICFiC is not capitalized, which makes it a bit more interesting if it should ever come to the "graphic design" stage, as well as facilitating easy pronunciation -


The elevator explanation:

The MICFiC is a conspiracy to use, abuse, and confuse the people, to "milk, shear, and slaughter the sheeple", figuratively speaking - except the "slaughter" is literal.


More homework! Bill Moyers interviewed Vandana Shiva about GMO seeds in July. For some reason it appeared on my Facebook page this morning, fresh on the heels of your post.



Wow. Thank you for this link, Barbara!
I listened to it and I think Vandana Shiva is a very intelligent and compassionate women.
I am really impressed by what she said in this interview.

The Healthy Librarian

Thanks so much, Barbara!!! I remember Vandana Shiva from the documentary "Queen of the Sun"


GMO foods are a complete unknown nightmare. I get so angry about this issue. The Bio-tech companies (Monsanto etc) have pushed and pushed for them to be accepted in Europe (we're holding out but for how long?) and forced them onto developing nations. Luckily here in Europe GMO foods have to be labelled as such. I never buy American-produced foods unless they explicitly state Non-GMO. Go onto the "Soil Association" site for a fantastic report on GMO.

You just cannot be really healthy unless you eat ORGANIC and non-GMO.

DOn't get confused about hybridisation (which has been done naturally for centuries) and genetic modification which is about going against nature and inserting a gene from one species into another. One example of what they do - they put a gene from an arctic trout into tomatoes to stop them from frosting over in cold weather. There are no tests for the safety of GMO - none of it is tested on humans - except you're eating them! Who knows what ghastly effects this might have on you? Also, once GM food has contaminated neighbouring farms/fields of crops - which easily happens when the wind takes the pollen from a GMO site to a non-GMO site - there's no going back - GM organisms are released into our environment with no chance of stopping it.

GM is not about feeding the world, or feeding the poor, or providing more food etc etc - it's about us being forced to buy THEIR seeds: THEM controlling the world's food supply.

We're holding out against Monsanto and the others here in the UK... but for how long?

The Healthy Librarian

Thank you so much for this comment, Anna. I really appreciate it--and the clarification of the difference between genetic engineering & hybridization. I'll definitely check out the Soil Association site. Appreciate the European perspective.


I'm not too good at links but here's the UK Soil Association link for its reports on GM food (they're a very trustworthy source)

Seems that Bill Gates is now funding GM!


And here's a link to Renee Elliot of Planet Organic (an organic enterprise based in London - very good). No affiliation - just a happy customer!

Her article (from where I took my main points in my previous comment) also includes a link to a really good Soil Association report on the US and GM food.

As always, thanks for your blog - shining light into the dark place of food and corporate interests: they're ruthless. Is it really so hard to make the link between this completely gratuitous interference with our food / environment and epidemic levels of cancer?

Only comfort that we vegans have is that we're not eating the animals that have been stuffed to the gunnels with GMO food!

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