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September 25, 2012



HL - thanks for this.

Here is a link to intelligent, well-researched articles on the GMO threat (Vandana Shiva etc) from Resurgence magazine (which has just merged with the Ecologist (both long-standing, well respected publications). Editor is Satish Kumar.


Whilst it's great to have a guide like this, I believe that consumers have the right to exercise informed consent, which in my view is impossible without mandatory labelling of GMO ingredients. Even fresh produce can be GMO...

rolf groth

why is gm food bad? this from a complete no oil fat vegan. You are about fact based science.Please no "we just dont know the long term effects" we already know that organic generally makes little or no difference, why not just get people eating a plant based diet as cheaply as possible, ps love ue site and u

Healthy Librarian

@Rolf: You're likely not getting much GMO food at all if you're eating plant-based & no-oil & low-processed foods--so you're right--that would be the more important goal. The biggest sources of GMO foods are soy, corn, & soy & corn oil. I absolutely prefer to eat non-GMO soy, but, perhaps you aren't eating soy, either. There are enough red flags from researchers & farmers to make me take the extra step of avoiding GMO-soy.

Perhaps you didn't see my earlier post all about GMO's. You can read it here, if you haven't already--& definitely follow the link to the Mother Earth News article in April 2012. It's hard to know if Genetic Roulette is a lot of hype--the producer had an agenda & bias, but I wouldn't discount it wholesale, either.

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