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September 14, 2012


Kellie Robinson

I love these cocoa oats! I'll have to try it with buckwheat groats and berries, it sounds delicious!

I've been reading your blog for a few months, and look forward to them. Everytime I see the Healthy Librarian pop up on my new blog stream, I get so excited! I usually drop everything and read it.
It's inspiring to read your journey to healthy eating and living.

Thank you for taking the time to share with us. You are a blessing!

The Healthy Librarian

@Kellie: Thank you so much and thanks for taking the time share such positive feedback with me. I think you're going to like the addition of berries & buckwheat. Let me know.

Lisa Austin

I have a question on rinsing the buckwheat. When you add flax or chia to oatmeal or smoothie or use as egg substitute, the seeds get gooey or slimey. It sounds bad but isn't this quality part of the benefit? I think that maybe its why these foods are good fiber,etc.

What's your opinion?


I bought a bag of raw buckwheat online a few months ago--I couldn't find it anywhere online. Made the overnight oats with the buckwheat and loved it! Then forgot all about it and the rest of the bag has been sitting in my pantry. I'm so happy you blogged about it and stirred my memories of this deliciousness!!!! Got it all together this morning for this week. Should keep my tummy from grumbling during the long services :)


woops . . . couldn't find it in any local groceries!

The Healthy Librarian

@Lisa Austin: You make a good point. That gooieness & sliminess is fine in chia & flax. So, why not for buckwheat? I just don't know. I was just following the instructions of other recipes that used raw buckwheat.

Generally, though, it's advised to rinse the groats---and it's necessary, if you're sprouting them or they won't sprout--but, obviously, in this recipe we don't want them sprouted. Certainly, the whole unsoaked groat is going to be eaten when it's made into a hot cereal.

That said--since you're going to be "saving" the sprouts in the fridge over 4 days--I think they might become too mushy & unappetizing if they were only drained and not thoroughly rinsed--& the sliminess might be unappealing taste & texture-wise.

Why not give it a try & let us know.


Thank you so much for this breakfast brilliance and for all the helpful info! It looks superyumful! The link to your Berries and Black Rice post is excellent too! Lotus does have a recipe for their Organic Jasmine Rice in a chai-spiced pudding. Would that work with your berry and pudding idea?

Nicole Herman

I made myself this wonderfull breakfast and it was delicious, I am a fancier of buckwheat (and quinoa) but I never made it raw just soaked. I made some changings due to not having everything around here. I used flax instead of chia, and the cacao powder I made from raw cacao nibbets, for the berries the only ones I got where dry mullberries but still it was absolutly tastefull. I wonder if carobe would also be a good substitute. Any idea if quinoa could also be eaten soaked overnight.
Thanks, Nicole from Belgium (Europe)


this is recipe is amazing! left out the walnuts, and used just a drop of agave. I can't believe how full I was all day yesterday. I have to tell you, I love your blog. I'm constantly quoting you or redirecting other people to your site. Thanks for all you do.


Wow, now that's what a call a great meal for breakfast.


It seems like the amount of oats may have a typo in the recipe? 3/4 for 4 servings? (maybe should be 1 3/4)


What are the cup measurements in the final recipe? 1/4 cup (?) of groats 1/4 cup(?) of the chocolate oats and 1 cup of berries? I ask because I didn't soak the same amount of groats. I'm looking forward to it!
Also, can you serve it warm? Fall has fallen and it's a little chilly around here.

The Healthy Librarian


After the oatmeal sits overnight--I take out 1/4 of it to use per serving. Not sure how much that is--just eyeball it.
(the mixture is made from 2/3 of cup of rolled oats, 2 TBS of cocoa, 1 large smooshed banana, 2 cups of soymilk, & 1 tsp of vanilla. I add 1 packet of stevia, too. If I had to guess--you'll be scooping out 3/4 of cup of chocolate oatmeal.

As for the buckwheat--I soak 1 cup with 3 cups of water & then drain. That comes to about 2 cups of groats after they're soaked. Again--I use 1/4 of that amount--so probably about 1/2 cup of groats.

Layer with 1 cup of thawed mixed berries.

I eat it cold---but, I can't see why it wouldn't taste great warmed up in the microwave.

The Healthy Librarian

Liz, It's not a typo. I use 2/3 cup of rolled oats soaked in 2 cups of soy milk with a banana & chia seeds. It really works for 4 servings because it's supplemented with about 1/2 cup of buckwheat groats. You could make more if you want a larger serving. Just use the ratio for the oats of 1/3 cup of rolled oats per 1 cup of soymilk. Good luck. Sorry for my delayed reply.

The Healthy Librarian

@Meredith & Liz: Just made another batch of oats last night--the final amount is around 3 cups of the oat mixture, so that's about 3/4 cup of "finished chocolate oats" & 1/2 cup of soaked groats & 1 cup of berries. Very filling. Just a tip: the actual calorie count will be lower than show--because of all the fiber & undigested groats & chia.

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