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September 11, 2012


Judee @ Gluten Free A-Z

Your holiday menu looks amazing .
I'm going to try the blueberry peach cobbler. I'll be pinning it for later.

My holiday menu includes a vegan chopped liver,
gluten free matzo balls, and some vegan stuffed tomatoes and peppers. I do use oil..

Shana Tovah

Yrsa Lindholm

I agree with the description of this menu, truly a holiday to look forward to. On the other hand, is it true the vegans are susceptible on being vitamin b12 deficient and some of these treats consists of vegan food. Can we use products like to counter whatever negative effects of eating without meats?

Healthy Librarian

@Yrsa: Of course you need B-12. It's easy & cheap. Don't need anything expensive. I take 1000 mcg about 4 X a week of methylcobalamin & my levels are perfect.


Thanks HL! Your menu looks amazing. For matza balls I've been using Sarah Kramer's recipe from How It All Vegan which is no oil and no egg. I double it using whole wheat matzo meal and add onion powder and white pepper. These are made the traditional way by boiling and not baking so they retain their round shape. They hold together perfectly.

Shanah Tovah to you and your family. I really appreciate your blog, Facebook posts, and recipes. I look forward to when you have time to add a Recipage...

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