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October 23, 2012


Melinda C.

I've written a good book on this very subject called, Diet and Cancer: Is There a Connection? It is available on Amazon.


Hi Deb, did you see the link to this blog in the NYT article comment section following the man who had testiclular cancer twice? I thought you might be interested.

Here's the link:
The blogger was diagnosed with late DCIS after 17 years of annual mammograms. It was never detected on a mammo though she probably had the cancer for over 10 years.

She argues the women should have MRIs instead of mammograms--as mammos show cancer only after it has spread and invasive DCIS is the most commonly diagnosed cancer. I will continue to research this subject for myself. For now, I have decided that with my dense breasts, I will not be having another mammogram.

Also consider this TED talk regarding breast cancer. So true that "the truth has been lost in all the rhetoric!!" This gamma technology won't be available for 5 years or more. But the TED talk is worth listening to. Starting about 14:00 she demonstrates the inability of mammo to find breast cancers in dense breasts.

Meanwhile I have discontinued all my bio-identical HRT as it increases breast ca risk.

Again, I thank you profusely for sharing all the information available to you so that we can make more intelligent choices about our health and our lives.

Blessings to You!!!


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