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October 16, 2012



"Everything is endlessly interesting, uplifting & entertaining to me."
Yes it is! When I get overload I have to unsubscribe to various interesting blog emails (your's wasn't lost in the cull) and delete myself from FB, temporarily at least.
Do I really need to spend an hour or two researching a recipe when I should just trust myself and GET ON WITH IT.
Written over 100 years ago was this comment about too much book learning/not enough doing which resonated with me ... "Knowledge becomes such only when it is assimilated in the mind of the learner and shows in his/her character." Nitobe, 'Bushido - The Soul of Japan'

Rebecca Cody

"Realistically, is it possible to follow Hallowell's advice to pick just 3 things to accomplish a day & call it quits? I've yet to come close to learning that lesson."

That's a man speaking...need I say more?

Janet N.

This is exactly why I refuse to get involved with Twitter and Facebook (although I do look at your Facebook page regularly for items of interest). I still have a 4 year old "flip phone" and don't text. My phone is my phone, nothing more. It's simpler, and cheaper! My friends tell me I need to enter the 21st century, but I just don't feel the need, nor do I want to be plugged in 24-7.

Marsha Schauer

This is SO TIMELY, because I bought the audio version of Dr. Hallowell's book, Crazy Busy! I'm listening to it now before it becomes a Christmas gift for my 'crazy busy' son. I am retired, but still have to watch against the time sucks. One thing that helps me is being plant-strong eating now because meal-planning is so simpler now that I make the same few things over and over. And I greatly love them too.


I have been contemplating these very issues and I am glad that I am not the only one who feels the onslaught of information and the restraint of constant contact.


Hi there,
Crazy Busy describes my situation right now. I'm sitting here on the Reference Desk at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem coping with all the incoming freshmen on the second day of classes. In two languages.
Crazy Busy indeed! BTW, we have Hallowell's book here.
Baruch haShem for Shabbat! That one day of total disconnection from all the CrazyBusy stuff keeps me sane for the rest of the week.

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