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November 21, 2012



I enjoyed this post very much and have to admit that the Thanksgiving shopping is one of my favorite activities. Seems so busy and rushed, but shoppers are in a good mood so it somehow becomes fun in the aisles as we all help each other find stuff we don't normally buy and I like to see what is in other carts. Did you really clean, quarter, cook and *freeze* the turkey? If so, how did that work out?

The Healthy Librarian

@Betsy: I really did clean, quarter, cook & freeze the turkey ahead of time. It worked out just fine--and I didn't have to deal with all that messy turkey cleaning & cooking on Thanksgiving morning. But, remember, this was written 3 years ago--I haven't made a turkey since then. I didn't slice the breast until after it was thawed--& reheated it in its juices on Thanksgiving Day. Worked out well.

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