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December 11, 2012



We too have discovered these burgers! These are a favorite on family movir night!

Healthy Librarian

@Rosanne: Yay!! So happy to hear you've also found these yummy gems!


We can't have nuts...any other suggestions?

Healthy Librarian

@Mari-Ann: Honestly, I think this will be delicious, & work-out without the nuts. It sticks together--& should still brown up nicely in the hot oven on parchment paper. I don't think you'll miss the nuts. Make a half batch, not the full batch & experiment.

Jean Myers

I can't wait to try these! I have all the ingredients so will give them a whirl tomorrow. I have enjoyed Jeff Novick's 5 ingredient burgers from his DVD Birgers and Fries because they are so quick and easy to make, but this looks fun for a more gourmet burger. Thanks so much!


These sound absolutely yummy - I can't wait to try them. Thanks for the pictures; they are a nice walk through.


Hi, Thanks for the recipe! You mention garlic in the burger recipe but I don't see the amount in the ingredient list.

We can't have walnuts so I am going to try almonds as a substitute.

Healthy Librarian

Thanks for pointing out my omission, Lisa. Aarghh! So easy to miss something, no matter how many times I've proofed the recipes. Yes, you need 2 or more garlic cloves, chopped--according to how much you like garlic. 2 is the minimum. I've corrected the recipe post--both in the regular blog & the "recipe on 1 page". Thanks so much. I'm sure almonds will work just fine! Let me know, will you?

Deb Richter

We just prepared these burgers, as well as your rockin' roasted potatoes, and what an awesome meal we had! Everything was so tasty but, as I was preparing and cooking and my husband was washing every dish, pan, bowl in our kitchen, we thought no wonder people go to McDonald's! BUT, I have 13 more burgers in my freezer and a big leftover bowl of potatoes in my refrigerator. Thank you for making the recipes so user friendly and now I know how much time and measurement you put into each and every recipe you put online. You make my life so much easier and healthier! Love trying everything you post!


I have been waiting since you promised to post this! Yippee! I can't wait. I like Susan Voisin's veggie burgers made with lentils. I know these will be delicious. Thanks for tweaking and enlightening and sharing.


I'm eager to try this recipe but a couple of questions first. I live in the "woods".... Hour drive to Wegmans grocery store where I was able to find soy tempeh and some cans of lentils. Never having eaten tempeh or lentils will this suffice as substitutes for the items you've mentioned? Lightlife organic soy tempeh and canned lentils....hoping this will work.

Healthy Librarian

@Betsy: It should work just fine. That's what the original recipe calls for. I just lightened it with low-fat tempeh & I prefer the taste, texture & convenience of TJ's shelf-ready already steamed French lentils. Good luck!

@Deb Richter: Yay! Thrilled that you liked them & thanks for the kind words. Totally, agree about the kitchen mess--which is why is pays to make a double batch. Plus it's exercise & you can't cook or wash dishes sitting down.


Friday lunch is our burger or hot dog day. The week is done neither one of us really wants to cook so we look forward to an easy lunch. While this recipe takes a bit of time both in prep and clean up, it is well worth the time and energy to make several meals in one session.

We have tried beet burgers, black bean burgers, tempeh burgers and god knows what else. Some were good, some were horrible, most didn't hold their shape giving the burger a bit of a pablum mouth feel.

We didn't make the sauce we used the usual ketchup, mustard, onion, tomato and lettuce we used to use on beef burgers and the tastes married well. I liked the addition of walnuts and the way the lentils and flour held all together was worthy of a celebration. The mouth feel was as close to the burger of old than anything we have tried in the last year.

Our only regret was we only made half the recipe. Also I guess we like our burgers a bit bigger as we only made 6 patties.

Thank you for your information and your recipes. We look forward to your posts.


I made this recipe last week. They came out great, and they freeze well.

I love finger food but I'm not a big fan of burgers, so I made meatballs, using a tablespoon (measuring spoon). I used the ingredients I had: 2 medium red onions instead of one large sweet yellow onion, black lentils instead of green, dried oregano instead of basil. Also, I don't have a food processor, so I used a potato masher. The lentils and onions were still identifiable, but they held together very well.

I used West Soy tempeh, which I'd had in the freezer. (It has about 5.5 g fat per 3 oz of tempeh.) The other brand I saw at Whole Foods, Turtle Island, has 3.5 g fat per 3 oz. of Organic Tempeh (vs. Soy Boy 5-Grain, which has 3 g fat per 3 oz. of tempeh). So it is possible to find low-fat tempeh on the west coast.

Cherie Dover Perkins

Absolutely delicious. This recipe is a keeper. I like how the 'burger' hangs together and has a firm texture. I very lightly pulsed the tempeh leaving it more crumbly than pre-paste and I think it added to the chewiness. We got 24 burgers out of this and I froze most of them for quick meals. The sauce is good too.


What is the best way to cook these after freezing them? I made a big batch but only cooked 8. I froze the other 8. Now I'm not sure if I should defrost them in the microwave and then place them in the oven or if I should just put them frozen into the oven and hope they don't dry out too much. Anyone have any advice? Thanks!

The Healthy Librarian

@KimB: Did you store them individually wrapped? That's how I did it--& then defrosted them in the microwave. I agree, about thawing in the oven--don't want to dry them out. Or use a low oven & have them in a baking pan that's well-covered. They defrosted very quickly for me.


@TheHealthyLibrarian: I froze the 8 burgers on a baking pan lined with parchment paper, covered with both plastic wrap and aluminum foil. I decided to just leave them sitting on the counter while I was preparing Happy Herbivore's Baked Beans (delicious BTW) and discovered they defrosted quickly. As soon as the Baked Beans come out of the oven I will just turn the oven up a little and put the pan of burgers inside. We really LOVED these burgers last week, especially with the Special Sauce. Unfortunately I was unable to find low-fat tempeh here in NC at Whole Foods, TJ's or Harris Teeter, so I am going to try making these without nuts the next time just to lower the fat a little more.

Judy Donovan

I love your site and I wanted to love these burgers! Usually I think a recipe through before I make it but I got caught up in the excitement and went straight to the kitchen.
My thoughts on these burgers, I agreed with the reduced amount of walnuts, tempeh (soybeans) and lentils - one or the other for me, and a small amount of onions - I think it's a missed opportunity not to add more veggies.
They were dry and pretty flavorless although my husband liked them with the sauce. I like burgers to taste great sans sauce.
They were good crumbled in a onion - cabbage sauté (water of course.) So all was not lost.
Given how much I admire your work and your blog it's a little awkward to post a critique that isn't glowing...this is just my preference in burgers, others seem to love them.
Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with abundant health, and thanking you for sharing all your research, recipes, and movie suggestions. (We watched Monsieur Lazhar after reading about it here - loved it!)
Warm regards,

The Healthy Librarian

@Judy: Thanks for the feedback. No problem. Sorry, you weren't as excited about them as we are. Just made another batch to store away in the freezer. I think you're right--why not add more veggies? I liked them as they are, but, hey, adding more seasoning & more veggies is a great idea. Barb Watson added sauteed mushrooms & liked them a lot. If you give it another go--let me know what you add to them--if it's an improvement. This is a work in progress. Right?


Thanks for enlightening this recipe, Debbie. Always good to get more oats, and it means that the mixture can be eaten "raw" as you fact I think I prefer it this way!! The kids ate the burgers happily - the ultimate test!! Next time I'm going to try the mixture as "liver pate" with wholegrain mustard and mushrooms, just as you suggested. Do you think that using tempeh adds nutrition over and above using canned beans such as suggested by Jeff Novick and many others?


Just wanted to report in as well--thank you for this recipe. Since we're avoiding soy right now, I subbed about the same amount of pinto beans for the tempeh. These were kind of scarily meat-like on the griddle! :) Kids gave it a 10/10--I liked the texture and the little hints of nuttiness. I took your advice -- doubled the batch and froze half of them, and I'm glad I did! Thank you.


I love your site - so very helpful and informative!

One question: I tried these burgers last night based on the positive reviews. They were easy to prepare and held together very well. I steamed the tempeh as directed however, when it was time to eat them, the flavor that significantly overpowered the burgers was a very strong bitterness - I am assuming from the tempeh?? It truly ruined the great burger experience! I would LOVE any suggestions or feedback and I will try the recipe again since it seems to be a worthwhile one!

Thank you in advance for any feedback.

Bev Sansom

Just made these yesterday and had one for breakfast and lunch. They are excellent and I can't wait to try other variations. Thanks so much and I appreciate your blog.


I make these all the time and wanted to mention how we reheat ours from frozen.
I defrost in the refrigerator overnight or in the counter if I haven't planned them. Then I just pop the patty in the toaster and enjoy a burger within minutes!

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