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April 20, 2013



All of those look so yummy. Thanks for sharing!

wendy (healthy girls kitchen)

Deb, the Whole Foods on Chagrin had the unsweetened WholeSoy yogurt yesterday. I was so excited! No trips to Solon for me, I hope! I still need to have a talk with them to make sure that they keep carrying it as a regular item.

wendy (healthy girls kitchen)

I just re-looked at your post. I was going to make faux feta this weekend and I have all of the ingredients. With your input, at least my expections will be low as to the result. I'm also going to do more research online to see if there is a faux feta recipe that people are raving about. I've been in a Middle Eastern food phase and having a lot of fun with it.

The Healthy Librarian

@Dawn: Thanks so much!!

@Wendy: Great news! WF is obviously getting the message. As I told the "Dairy Man"--"Look, the people who are buying PLAIN SOY YOGURT, want it unsweetened! If your space is limited, why in the world would you stock only the PLAIN SWEETENED?"

@Wendy: I used a faux feta from Vegetarian Times, about a year ago. I anxiously await an excellent faux feta recipe from you---and of course, one that won't take much time to make. Apparently, it's made & sold in Minneapolis. I want to order some.


Great post! Made the Soy Yogurt Thousand Island Dressing today and had it on a sandwich for lunch and on a salad for dinner. This is the best dressing I have had since starting Dr. E's diet in September 2012 and so-o-o easy to make. Thanks so much for this fabulous recipe.

Lynn Long

My local Wegmans in eastern Pennsylvania started carrying Whole Soy plain unsweetened. I have been buying it regularly ever since! I wrote to Wegmans and thanked them for carrying it and the Wildwood sproutofu. I also wrote to Whole Soy to thank them and they sent me coupons! I mix it with my homemade granola and fruit. Also top cooked porridge with it and add a dollop of jam sometimes. Whole soy is a great product and I'm so glad I can find it locally.

Esther J

I made the roasted chickpeas a couple of nights ago on a whim. One word--delicious! And irresistible (ok, that's two words).

I've made another roasted chickpea recipe and they were a little too crunchy for my taste. But these were just right, and with great flavor.

Next, I'm gonna try your blueberry peach breakfast cobbler. I'm sure that'll be a hit as well.

Thanks very much!

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