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September 10, 2013



About modern society and microbes, I am afraid the issue is much more complex than that. First of all consider the indoor insane environment we are exposed to (in corporations and public buildings especially), closed or not-existent windows and uncleaned HVACs. These are all abnormal populations of bacteria human are exposed to today and not prepared for.
And "modern" means also developing/less developed countries, with 'harsher' hygiene education and policies but loads of people living in a room (with closed windows eventually) and a lot of filth in the towns. There's an amazing combination inside those houses, I am sure it would amaze any microbiome researcher: a combination pf pathogens with rests from frying oils, chinese bogus chemicals, toxic detergents, animal fur eventually, GMO cigarettes smoke and mold.
Those kind of population seem to be thriving, still, many of their kids develop asthma. And you can't say they live in a "too clean" environment.

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