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October 14, 2013


Barbara Watson

Holy Smokes!! WHAT an informative, beautiful, touching post! On every level. Stunning tradition!(well, with a changeup :) You are so lucky to have such great friends and family. You worked hard on this one girlfriend! I will be doing these recipes. Well done! Thank you.

The Healthy Librarian

Oh, Barb, thank you so much for your beautiful sweet comment. Can't tell you how much I appreciated it! Yep, this post took forever to write--especially because I had to enter all the recipes into RECIPAGE first. Time-consuming. And then after I written most of it--I lost it, because I hadn't saved it. AARGH!

I agree 100% about my good fortune--I'm so thankful for all the wonderful people & opportunities in my life! LUCKY!! Knock on wood!!

Apparently, not all readers agreed with your positive comments. I got the highest number of "unsubscribes" after I posted this--than I'd ever received before. Interesting.

Kim Hawkins

Please, PLEASE don't let the unsubscribers deter you. You pointed out some unpleasant truths here. As you wrote, we can't look away. I'm so glad to know about this project. True art isn't required to make the observer of it feel good.

Also, of course, the writing you do promotes true health, not just physical, but spiritual and mental health as well...all the pieces of a whole person. Keep on! I, for one, am so, so grateful for what you do.

The Healthy Librarian

@Kim: Thank you so much for your kind words. No worries about "unsubscribes" deterring me. I couldn't begin to speculate what some readers didn't like about this post--or maybe it didn't have ANYTHING to do with the post. Perhaps they just got tired of another blog or email filling up their mailbox. Not one person said an unkind word, or complained in anyway. Funny, it never occurred to me that it would be because I mentioned the Million Bones Project. Naive me just assumed "everyone" would want to know about such a powerful endeavor. Bottom Line: My subject matter is all over the place. Some people subscribe because they want to read the medical research stuff. Some just want Esselstyn diet info. Some care about the more emotional/psych/philosophical stuff. And I think most people just like new recipes & "food talk". Lots of people probably are totally uninterested in my personal story--but, I enjoy writing about it--so it stays. Thanks again for all your support, & encouraging feedback!

Tami @Nutmeg Notebook

I just recently discovered your blog after moving to a whole foods plant based diet myself. Your posts are informative, interesting and so well written! Not only do I take away amazing recipes but useful information on a variety of subjects.

I didn't know anything about the One Million Bones project. Thank you for filling me in.

What a joy to read about your family gathering and your feast of delicious healthy whole foods.

Your recipes are amazing - I made the Triple Rice Salad with the Field Roast sausages when my parents were here and we all loved that dish. They were amazed that the sausages were not from an animal. Yeah! Yesterday I made your version of Alton Browns Winter Vegetable soup - we had it for lunch today and it's another outstanding recipe. I will be sharing some of it with my daughter and her husband. I try to help them with a few home made dishes here and there as they both work full time. My son in law said he had no idea what a difference healthy meals made in the quality of their lives until recently. Good food matters!

Would you mind if I posted these recipes on my blog with a link back to your original recipes?

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