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November 29, 2013



The cutest granddaughter ever!!

wendy (healthy girl's kitchen)

Deb-Love this post! Stealing the quote at the top and adding it to a recipe document that I am working on to help me make my future Thanksgivings even more organized!


Loved this post and how you weave together stories, photos, links and a theme. I agree - it's not about the food. We now have family away from "home" - in Colorado and New Zealand. Our remaining local "child" and the grands attended another celebration (blended family). So, husband and I did what you were going to do - movie out (12 Years a Slave), a nice walk and then home for a special and delicious plant based dinner. Missed the family, but we had a very nice day - and we didn't have that old "we ate too much" feeling. Thank you for your post!

The Healthy Librarian

@Babs: She is, isn't she? Notice how I found I way to include her adorable "bag lady" photo? Bet you'll soon have 2 contenders for the cutest grandchildren ever--contest!

@Wendy (Healthy Girl's Kitchen): Thanks for the positive feedback! Which quote? Not sure which one you mean?

@Shannon: Thank you SO MUCH for your thoughtful sweet comment! So happy to hear from someone else who understands what it's like having kids so far away--but, also happy to hear that you also "get" that it's OK to enjoy the holidays as a couple & make it a special day. Fabulous film. Dinner, just how you like it. No need to feel sorry for ourselves, right??

Tami @Nutmeg Notebook

I love this post! For all of our 34 years of marriage we have lived far away from our families and have spent many awesome holidays with friends who we invite to join us. During their college days our children would bring home anyone who didn't have a place to go on holidays. Who ever is here with us on the holidays are our "family".

Thank you for sharing the "when in doubt do the positive" what a great guide to go by. I need to remember this one and put it into practice.

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