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May 14, 2010



Do it! Post your notes. I cannot wait to see this. Plus, it makes it so much easier to talk to people via going to see a movie vs. "you gotta read this book". You know? Anyways, just can't wait to see this film. Thanks for all your work.

Kim Drolet

Ken Leebow

These two doctors, as well as many others, were influential in my lifestyle change. While I am not vegetarian, in a just ten weeks, I had major weight and health benefits...all documented here:

The one thing that Dr. Esselstyn mentioned that changed my outlook was that you can be "heart-attack proof" with a total cholesterol of 150. Most people in the profession lead you to believe that 200 is a "good" number. For most people, not all, it is easy to change HDL, LDL, TRI, and even blood pressure with some simple lifestyle changes.

I've adopted this saying: Good habits are as addictive as bad habits, and a lot more rewarding. - Harvey MacKay

Thanks for the info.

Ken Leebow

Michelle B.

I first read The China Study a year or two ago. It came when I had, by chance, changed doctors from one who thought 200 was a good cholesterol number to one who didn't. The new doctor told me to eat healthy and offered to send me to a nutritionist. I declined because I find set diets difficult to follow.

Instead I removed all meat, fish, poultry, and dairy from my diet. My doctor approved and within a few months I had lost 20 pounds. I continued as a vegan for about a year and tried to get my exercise level up. My weight had more or less plateaued at that point.

Then I read Dr. Esselstyn's book and realized that I needed to remove oils, nuts, and avocados from my diet, too in order to lose weight. When I did that I lost about 5 more pounds and am still losing. I am still working on getting my exercise up as well. I figure I need to lose about 50 more pounds. I have gone off the diet from time to time while traveling or eating in restaurants for holidays. My last blood sugars and lipid studies were fine, but I am on lipitor and blood pressure medicine, so good levels are to be expected. For me the hard part is eating in restaurants. I can get a good vegan meal at most Asian restaurants, but not most non-Asian restaurants. Sometimes the people I am going out with don't want to go to an Asian restaurant.

The other problem is cooking two different kinds of meals. My husband has not decided to become a vegan and I end up cooking two different entrees each night. It is a lot of work, but worth it. I have spent my life as a gourmet home cook and this change has been difficult for me. Since I gave up fat, I find cooking very difficult. That is much harder than giving up meat and dairy. I have few decent low-fat vegan recipes and am trying new ones when I have time but sometimes I stand in front of the refrigerator and just stare, trying to figure out what I can eat.

Spinach linguine with tomato sauce and veggie burgers are staples in my diet. I ate so many beans at first that I became unable to digest them for a couple of months, but am fazing them back in successfully now.

I have been on the vegan diet for about 1 1/2 years and the low-fat vegan diet for about 2 months. I am committed to living a vegan life, but the switch has been challenging for me. Still, I would never go back after the solid scientific research presented by the Esselstyn, Campbell, and also Ornish. I notice more vegan products and whole grain products are appearing in the grocery stores. The owner of a restaurant I like, that has no vegan food, told me that her own mother had recently become vegan because of health problems and that her mother couldn't find anything to eat in her restaurant. She plans to add vegan dishes for her. I told her that she would see more of me if she did.

Drs. Campbell, Esselstyn, and Ornish have started a revolution. It is slowly catching on as the word gets out that our diet is killing us. I look forward to seeing the film when it comes out. I suspect it will get easier to stay vegan as grocery stores and restaurants offer more vegan products and as it becomes more common to be vegan.

Cynthia Bailey MD

I consider myself a foodie and I haven't sacrificed artistic quality while eating a predominantly plant based diet. I live in a place with an abundance of local artisan food producers and inspiration for beautiful plant based meals is everywhere. With a few good cookbooks that have healthy recipes and beautiful photos it's easy to transition over from the traditional meat/animal based dishes to a plant based diet. I don't entirely avoid animal products, but they form the very tip of what I consider a healthy food pyramid and are treats, not staples.
Cynthia Bailey MD

Edward Hill

I have considered going trying to base my diet towards more fruits and vegetables and less meat. And also seen that that milk is for babies and animals....I hope to accomplish a substantial decrease and at least make it more possible for my kids to become acustom to eating a "predominantly plant based diet" and maybe decreasing my health risks, untimately prolonging my life.



I would like to learn to cook plant-based dishes/ meals. Does a cookbook focusing on EASY recipes come to mind that you would suggest? Weight is not the main concern, so a little healthy fat such as avocado, olive & coconut oils are ok.

Thank you!

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